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Hey guys

Took this from the tread of my rear tyre. No pressure lost before removal nor after. Going to fix it. Want your opinion. Should I still repair this or not bother?


Anyone tried the wd40 wax lube I normally use wurth and would like to know... — Kawasaki Versys

Anyone tried the wd40 wax / lube? I normally use wurth and would like to know people's thoughts. The wurth dry (never tried wet) is really runny and seems to fling all over but it does work too.

update one: I tried the wd40 wet chain wax. It dries white and is very visible. Bit sticky. I suspect it'd protect it from rust better but I'm not sure how deep it penetrates. I also imagine it could attract bits like mad.

I'll give this a go tomorrow after I clean the chain.

Update 2: added the wax, removed some I put on with wd40 chain cleaner as a tester (just one or two links). It required a brush to remove, the cleaner barely tickled it.

It's super white and caused massive amounts of over spray


Has anyone put bar risers on a gen 2 versys Apparently I have T rex arms and... — Kawasaki Versys

Has anyone put bar risers on a gen 2 versys? Apparently I have T-rex arms and am getting should pain/fatigue on long rides. The cables all look pretty taught as I've already rotated bars back toward me a bit. So I'm looking for possible options without major wiring project. Leaving from Washington DC to ride to Austin TX 4 weeks from today. Grumpy shoulders are not ideal.


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Hey a few months ago I posted about my site. https://www.twowheellifestyle. co.uk/

(I'm asking here as I need someone with experience).

I've completely overhauled the site but I've not had time to write a lot recently due to university. So I'm looking for a volunteer. This would be you giving up your own time (unpaid). In exchange, I offer you the opportunity for your article to be seen my at least 200 people(probably more as the site expands).

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If anyone's interested in a bike maintenance/fuel log I made in Google Sheets, let me know and I'll send you a copy. You can also just download the blank sheet as an .xlsx file and import it into your own Google account here:

https://docs.google.com/spread sheets/d/1sR0rt5R0uRdMLaQGztF5 UB-7CaUp8J5HRvCXJxQ8OEg/pub?ou tput=xlsx

All you have to do is enter the Periodic Maintenance Chart from your owner's manual and keep a log of the gas, maintenance, and repairs as you ride.

The sheet automatically tracks your fuel mileage, flags service items that are overdue, and makes a list of items that need to be done soon. It also creates a drop-down list on the Log sheet so you don't have to type everything in manually as you're working on the bike.

I pull out my phone whenever I'm fueling and update the gas/mileage/date so I never forget the more obscure maintenance items.

If you want me to make a blank copy and transfer it to your google account, drop me a line.


Hi all noob question I couldn t find the wading depth information in the... — Kawasaki Versys

Hi all, noob question : I couldn't find the wading depth information in the manual of the bike... so was wondering if anyone can share this information.. What is the wading depth of our Versys? If we were going to wade through water (off road, river, flood, etc) what is the maximum depth we can go without causing any damage/potential damage to the bike? I've drawn 3 different colored lines ABC for easy reference... I may have waded thru between B and C today....