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2009 kawasaki

Great running teryx 750 fuel injected monster edition . Has all new wheel bearings brake pads and new rear axles all new fluids and battery has submarine snorkel kit can easily be removed if you dont like it . Has ss wheels 14" they are scrached though. Like new 28 inch mongrel tires has stereo setup in top of cage in custom fiberglass box with 4 kicker speakers its very loud and a amp in glove box to plug your phone right into aux cord and volume button on dash it works great and easy. Asking 6500 or best cash offer

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I have been dealing with Ride Center USA exclusively since 2011 They were... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

I have been dealing with Ride Center USA exclusively since 2011. They were super great up until last year. They were good about letting me charge parts and even gave me parts after writing 2 jingles for the owner. Last year I decided to go from an atv to a side by side so being a loyal customer I never even bothered with calling another dealer. I talked to the owner Harry Watts and he set me up to talk with Steven Duff about a used Teryx they had. I was told that it had high miles on it but they had rebuilt the top end and that it was perfect and ready to ride so I ended up trading and paying the cash difference on it. When they brought it to me, they no more than got out of sight when it died on me. I called Steve to let him know that it died on me and that I smelled burning oil. Steve advised me that he had took the unit and rode it for a week and said it never gave him a problem and then he put me on the phone with a mechanic. I told the mechanic what it was doing and he advised me that it was just rebuilt and that it would act up a little until it was broke in. From there I decided to give it a chance. Every time I rode it, it would die on me and was using an average of a quart every 15 miles. I also spoke to Harry about it several times. The teryx only had a couple months warranty left on it. Harry would offer to come get the unit but always said it would be next week when the weather permitted or when they were not busy. I checked the thing over multiple times to try to save them the trouble but never could figure it out. Under further digging I found out someone else had purchased the unit only to bring it back days later. When I asked Steve why the other customer had brought it back, he said he couldnt remember. He also told me I could ride the unit up hill in high which turned out to be another lie. Recently I talked to Harry about trading it back in on a new unit and he said to get with Steve so I did and what did I get? I got offered a low ball trade in price and on top of that, they over priced the new ride I wanted. When I complained I got an apology. I then went back to Harry several times trying to get him to make it right and once again I got nothing. I even wrote a song for his wifes birthday last year. I finally asked him to send me a windshield and a set of wheels for the new ride I purchased at another dealer to make up for how dirty I was done and was flat out ignored. The bottom line is I trusted these guys and was loyal and in the end they dumped a used unit on me that never ran right and loved oil. Im not rich and I cant afford to buy a new ride every day and this bunch knew but chose to do me dirty anyway. It set me back thousands of dollars to get a decent ride thanks to the neglect of Ride Center USA of Hazard. Never again will I spend one red cent with them and never again will I send my friends to them. If your looking for a new or used ride , stay away from this dirty bunch!

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    PC5 issues need assistance So my PV5 crapped out a couple months ago It was... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

    PC5 issues need assistance. So my PV5 crapped out a couple months ago. It was less than a year old and still covered, but getting power commanded to send me a new one was an act of God. So finally get it back with a letter stating the map on my old unit was placed on the new one. Ok hook it up, Triple check everything, let it warm up and take it for a rip. Bouncing off the speed limiter at 50mph. WTF!!! Go back over EVERYTHING. Check all connections.... Actually make all the connections again to ensure good contact. Same result. However this time it starts running shitty, like a dropped a cylinder. Shut it off, start it back up still running like crap....frustrated I FLOOR it and it cleans up. Ughhh WTF!!

    So first question why am I bouncing off the speed limiter?

    Why is it running bad intermittently?

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      7x16 Hallmark quality trailer Used 6 times total Wheels and tires excellent... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

      7x16 Hallmark quality trailer. Used 6 times total, Wheels and tires excellent shape inside like new no stains marks or beat up walls. 78" hgt for rear door not 62 like standaed on,

      Galv 15 " Tires: 15" Radial Tires ST205/75R15 C Rated

      - Radius Roof/Radius Front with TPO Front Cap

      - 3/4" DryMax High Performance Flooring

      - 3/8" DryMax High Performance Interior Sidewall Liner

      - Vertical Posts on 16" Centers - Reduces sidewall flex and adds strength to walls

      - Crossmembers on 24" Centers & Roof Bows on 24" Centers

      - 36" Pass-Thru Side Entry Door with Chrome Flush Lock and Dead Bolt

      - 1-Piece Aluminum Roof

      - .030 Prefinished Aluminum Exterior

      - 12V Domes Lights with Wall Switch

      - 24" ATP Stoneguard

      - E-Z Lube Hubs

      - LED Exterior Lighting (Clearance Lights & Oval Brake Lights)

      - Rear Fold-Down Stabilizer Jacks

      - SureWire - Improved wire connections and secure routing reduces electrical shorts

      •Single Axle - 3500 GVWR

      •Tandem - 7000 GVWR

      •Spring Suspension

      •Type: 4" Drop

      •E-Z Lube Hubs

      •2 5/16" - 10,000 lb.

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        I have a couple questions maybe some people can help me with I have a 2015 t2... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

        I have a couple questions maybe some people can help me with. I have a 2015 t2 and I went to change the diff fluids. The back diff was no problem drained and refilled. But the dealer told me it would hold more than one bottle so sold me 2. It barely held one 32 oz bottle. Never had to open 2nd bottle, is that right?? The next question I didn't do the front because I couldn't get the refill plug off. I had a 24 mm socket and a 23 mm wrench but nether fit. Looks like a 25 or 26 mm but don't have them. It's a six sided bolt but the sockets are 12 pr . If I could get on it with the a crescent wrench looks like I could get it but don't have enough room. So how do I get the bolt out and what size is it? Just glad I didn't drain it because I wouldn't have been able to put fluid back in. And dealer sold me 1 bottle of oil with limited slip additive in it and said that 32 oz would be enough for front ?? Is that right? Wish the front was easy like the back diff . Please help thank u

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          Anybody have any newer style seats for Teryx 2 Am looking to change my stock... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

          Anybody have any newer style seats for Teryx 2? Am looking to change my stock seats for newer Kawasaki seats... Would actually like to get 3 if possible so I can add third seat and cage to bed for my daughter...So bases, at least one would be great too.. I'm even open to other brand seats if anyone knows I could for sure make my bases fit, and if possible not a big razor logo in headrest... But if the right price, not completely out of the question... Going in this so I need them to look me what you got and let me know what you need for them... Thanks in advance!!!

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            My wife and I are looking for someplace in southern Colorado to do some back... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

            My wife and I are looking for someplace in southern Colorado to do some back road traveling this June. We'll be traveling in our RV towing our Teryx. What we'd like to find is a place we can camp and do day rides or maybe some over night camping on the Teryx. This will be our first time out on the Teryx so nothing extreme.

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              Photos from Keith Blackburn's post — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

              C&G Turbo kit (09-12) T-2 - $950

              This is a COMPLETE, ready to run kit.

              It sold for 3995.00 when new.

              After installed, your machine will put down around the same power as an 840 BBK, w/o having to tear into your engine, less than half the cost.

              Makes 7-8lbs of boost on pump gas, .... and has the capability of 10lbs on race fuel.

              I purchased the kit a couple of months back from a guy in Michigan. He only ran it for a short time before doing a ZX -11 engine swap and no longer could use it.

              I'm changing directions with my T-2,.....hence the reason for the sale.

              PayPal accepted for payment.

              I am willing to ship, at an additional charge of 40.00 (flat-rate) anywhere in the cont. US

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                Photos from Chadd Hickmann's post — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                Hey guys would like to sell or possibly trade my 2015 maverick xmr for a mild/built teryx. Nothing above 1000 or so miles.

                My xmr has 30 inch Kanati mongrels on black ITP SS wheels. 4500lb WARN winch,can am half windshield,bluetooth radio,new belt etc. Marine CB. runs great needs nothing. Has around 550-600 miles

                Would like to sell but will possibly trade, asking 16800 or best offer.

                Looking for a built or a long armed teryx/teryx4. If anyone has fixed the weak reverse that'd be great.

                Nothing older than 2014 and Must have titles.

                Text pm or comment with trades or make me a cash offer on it. Title in hand


                Thanks a lot

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                  I have a stock 15 t4 and after riding windrock all weekend I have decided I... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                  I have a stock 15' t4 and after riding windrock all weekend, I have decided I definitely need some more ground clearance. In the near future, I want to add 28" tires, but I'm not sure which yet. Ride quality and suspension is very important to me, so I am afraid to get too stiff of a tire. I would like to put a two inch lift on as well, but I've heard that hurts the ride also. Can anyone tell me the best tire and lift combo that will offer the most plush ride? Thanks.

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                    Keele Maynard shared Millar Light Bars - FX Whips's video to the group: KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS. — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                    Don't forget we have RGB whips!

                    Fx whips come with a quick disconnect mount, and a wiring kit! No need for a toggle switch!!

                    Order yours today at

                    Kit includes:


                    Wiring kit

                    Quick disconnect mount

                    Choice of: 24 key wireless remote -OR- 44 key wireless remote

                    24 Key: SINGLE WHIP

                    2ft - $70

                    3ft - $90

                    4ft - $110

                    6ft - $140

                    8ft - $170

                    44 Key: SINGLE WHIP

                    2ft - $80

                    3ft - $100

                    4ft - $120

                    6ft - $150

                    8ft - $180

                    24 Key: PAIR

                    2ft - $130

                    3ft - $170

                    4ft - $210

                    6ft - $270

                    8ft - $330

                    44 Key: PAIR

                    2ft - $150

                    3ft - $190

                    4ft - $230

                    6ft - $290

                    8ft - $350

                    And yes those are 8 foot whips

                    Coming soon:

                    Stacking/chasing whips!

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                      Photos from Chad Bakke's post — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                      I wanted to share with the group a stereo I bought recently for my Teryx 4. After thoroughly looking at several options I went with a Boss ATV85 700W 8" system. It fits perfectly in the back cage, I secured with one ratchet tie down, it is powered by one AC plug and the stock cord is plenty long enough. It has a jack for your iPhone as well you can connect via Bluetooth. It is fully water proof, this system pounds and is very affordable. If your looking for options I recommend trying this out. I paid $199 CAD $250 including shipping and tax. Happy Trails!!!

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                        So I bought this Teryx 4 a couple days ago and I want to buy a 2 lift I ve... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                        So I bought this Teryx 4 a couple days ago and I want to buy a 2" lift. I've been doing some research and now I have some questions. 1) Can I install a 2" lift without doing any other modifications like wheel spacers or A-arms? It has aftermarket wheels, but they appear to be the original 12" size and offset. 2) There are several lift kits out there and I don't know which one to get. My riding will primarily be trails and sand dunes, no mudding. 3) I have 26" tires now and want to upgrade to 28". Will 28" tires work ok with the 2" lift? 4) Does anybody have pics of a 2" lift with 28" tires?


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                          Great story for you guys My family and I bought a 14 Teryx 4 this past summer... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                          Great story for you guys. My family and I bought a 14' Teryx 4 this past summer for our lake house. Around thanksgiving our lake house along with several others were burglarized. They took our Teryx with only 15-ish miles on it. Thanks to social media, the idiot that had it in his possession tried to trade it on a local swap and shop. Someone red flagged it as suspicious which unraveled a days long investigation in the group. I am proud to say our Teryx was recovered around 8:30 tonight by the highway patrol. There was only about an mile and a half more added from when we put it up for the winter. Apparently the ignition is busted as they were starting it with a screwdriver. I am super stoked to bring in the new year with a victory like this! Thanks for listening.

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                            2013 teryx 4 — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                            Riding thru mud the other day and locked diff in to climb a litl bank. The diff was being aggravatin but finally went in and when it did theengine light came on and now it wont come out of the diff lock. When i go to switch it back out it just flashes from 2wd to 4wd and wont come out. I backed it up pulled it up played with the switch checked fuses unplugged the plugins on front end and plugged em back up unhooked battery for awhile hooked it back up still wont come out... used to be able hear it lockin in and out it dnt even try....Dnt kno what else to do.....

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                              32" LED curved light bar — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                              32" LED double row curved light bar

                              5W Osram LED's


                              Spot/Flood combo

                              Waterproof rate: IP67

                              Lens: Polycarbonate shatterproof

                              Pressure vent

                              Comes with mounting brackets and weatherproof wiring with DT plug same as Rigid light bars.

                              For a little extra I can also get you the male DT plug in a harness and rocker switch or just the pigtail for legit wiring.

                              I can also get all kinds, styles and sizes of LED lights and they are high quality. I won't sell anything of low quality or that I wouldn't put my name on. If you would like more info explaining the specs on LEDs and light bars or have any questions, just let me know.

                              Located in North Fort Worth, Tx.

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                                i have a 09 teryx with a vision x 12 light bar and then Vision X HID headlight... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                i have a 09 teryx with a vision x 12" light bar and then Vision X HID headlight conversions and it seems like it is putting a huge load on my charging system. I am assuming it is the HID's not the light bar. What are you guys doing to be able to add more lights? i want to add a 32" bar and maybe some LED's by the suspension for the Arizona night rides through the rocks and dunes. From everything I'm reading i am still going to have to run a charger at night to pick up the slack anyways. I still have stock battery type and am reading that optima or odyssey battery is the way to go. Is there anything else i could do to help?

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                                  Hi guys just joined. first post. Currently have a arctic cat wildcat 1000 — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                  Hi guys just joined...first post. Currently have a arctic cat wildcat 1000. Really like the machine but looking for something i can still wheel on the weekends and rip and tear a bit but also have a machine i can take hunting and plow snow with. I really miss what i will call "japenese reliability" after owning yamahas and hondas most of my life. Polaris and arctic cat have left alot to be machines but pieced together with crap. So im just wondering how everyone likes their buggies and wondering if they have any weak points. Im currently waiting for my dealer to get a le 2 seater in. All they had was a 4 seater tonight when i was there. They also sell can am and im a little interested in the commanders but more interested in the teryx. Sorry for rambling. Thanks.

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                                    During the warm weather my teryx ran great Now that to cold weather rolled in... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                    During the warm weather my teryx ran great. Now that to cold weather rolled in to az:)40 degrees... my teryx is running like crap. It is hard to start,will only idle for a little bit then stalls, and I am noticing that it is running really rich. To the point of smoke/fumes coming out exhaust. Has little bottom end and spits sputters. I am also noticing fuel spitting out. What's the deal? Has new plugs, 840 kit, msd controller and all that jazz. The battery was weak/dead the other day and I charged it and it seems to be holding a charge.

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                                      Would like to trade for a teryx4 — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                      2012. Power steering Got 2" lift one the front with the shocks turned up alil and turn the shocks up in the rear. Got gorilla axle in the rear and Sti axles in the front got a half windshield got 34" terms on 14" hd4 rims tires got about 4 rides on them and it has doors and I got a box under the roof with a 400 watt amp and two 6 1/2" speakers and got two tube speaker on the back with 4 speakers in them and a back bumper and a highlifter front bumper with a 3500lb winch and it has lights under the back fenders and it has light stripes in the front number and in the grill. And I have some red lights under the dash and have some lights in the cab for lights to see in cab at night and has a 32 " light bar on front of bike and a 6" on back for a back up light

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                                        Thanks for having me I thought I d check and see what y all might recommend on... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                        Thanks for having me. I thought I'd check and see what y'all might recommend on my next set of tires. I have a bone stock 15' teryx4 with bighorn 2's. I've only put them on the trail once, and they did great. The issue is I ride a decent bit in the neighborhood, and it kills them. I know most tires will wear poorly on pavement, but is there a better solution out there? I have looked at mongrels, but I hear they are terrible in clay or muddy conditions. I would like to upgrade to a 28" also. Thanks for the input.

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                                          Nice 2014 maverick max 390miles! Trade for built/modded 2013-2016 teryx4/2! — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                          First off if this isn't allowed just let me know and I will delete it right away

                                          For sale or trade! 2014 maverick xrs maverick max want to trade for a Modded teryx4 possibly teryx2 Preferably modded but may look at stock low mile ones plus cash on your end. My maverick has 390 miles on the clock.just serviced with synthetic fluids.

                                          Has the following mods

                                          Half windshield

                                          4inches chopped out of the cage

                                          New Super atv wireless4500lb winch w/synthetic rope

                                          Tie rod sleeves

                                          2inch lift kit

                                          Aftermarket exhaust included

                                          Full top

                                          4 pile and two boss speakers with 15inch sub

                                          32inch LED Light bar

                                          Wanting a modded 2013-2016 Teryx4/2. May also trade for stock teryx plus a little cash on your end. Nothing over 950-1000 miles.

                                          Text pm or comment


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                                            STI HD ALLOY BEADLOCK 14" WHEELS — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                            BRAND NEW IN BOX(ES)!!!!

                                            BOLT PATTERN 4/137

                                            **FITS TERYX/MULE/CAN-AMS**

                                            THIS IS AN AWESOME PRICE!!

                                            COME CHECK THEM OUT OR CALL WITH ANY QUESTIONS.

                                            ATV WORLD


                                            11052 MAIN STREET

                                            NEW MIDDLETOWN, OHIO 44442

                                            **IF YOU ARE OUT OF OUR AREA ASK US ABOUT SHIPPING!

                                            BRAND NEW IN BOX(ES)!!!!

                                            BOLT PATTERN 4/137

                                            **FITS TERYX/MULE/CAN-AMS**

                                            THIS IS AN AWESOME PRICE!!

                                            COME CHECK THEM OUT OR CALL WITH ANY QUESTIONS.

                                            ATV WORLD


                                            11052 MAIN STREET

                                            NEW MIDDLETOWN, OHIO 44442

                                            **IF YOU ARE OUT OF OUR AREA ASK US ABOUT SHIPPING!

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                                              Problem 1 I have an 08 teryx that I got in trade and I m still trying to... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                              Problem 1. I have an 08 teryx that I got in trade and I'm still trying to figure some stuff out like I was told it has a big bore kit and I think that the clutch hasn't been upgraded due to the fact that it has to rev at kinda a high rpm before it takes off but have heard the the epi clutches will do that but it seems when I run it it's like there is no low it just runs very high end and makes the exhaust run really loud like a full boar race car almost. So do I need a clutch kit or what can I do. I also have heard that a bad belt may cause it. I'm also running 26x14

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                                                Kawasaki Teryx — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                                2012 Kawasaki Teryx 750 for trade. 234 hrs 1454 miles mostly Hatfield/McCoy miles. This SxS has no issues at all and is ready to ride.

                                                It has ITP aluminum wheels

                                                28 inch Swamp Lites (50%)

                                                Rock sliders

                                                3500 pound winch

                                                Half windshield

                                                Aluminium roof

                                                3 inch top chop

                                                Stereo with amp

                                                4 point harness with harness bar

                                                42 inch light bar

                                                New belt (old belt is still good)

                                                Recently snorkled for security (belt only)

                                                Plastic storage box for bed

                                                Dump bed

                                                2 inch lift

                                                Looking to trade for a 4x4 atv 800cc or bigger prefer 2 seater or other SxS. NO JUNK PLEASE or LOWBALL OFFERS

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                                                  ok so I went to river run and broke the teryx it will change gears but It wont... — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                                  ok so I went to river run and broke the teryx. it will change gears but It wont move, it will just rev.... there are not any bad lights on the odometer and it shows when its in gear (neutral or reverse) but it wont move it just revs high. I even tried to get a push start to see if it will go in gear but it wont. what could be the problem? thanks

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                                                    Hey I got a 3013 teryx was in a mud hole water hole up to bout my seats — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                                    Hey I got a 3013 teryx was in a mud hole/water hole up to bout my seats.. got pulled out it will run start idle and go to put it in gear it will go a little bit and quit.. it will fire up idle but once you go it will quit anyone know what I could do to solve this my oil is go and air filter is clean.. so yeah any idea?

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                                                      R2C Air filters for 2013+ Teryx — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                                      I have got a new shipment of R2C replacement air filters that fit the 2013 Teryxs. If you aren't familiar with these, they are reusable, don't need to be oiled and filter better than stock with out restricting your air flow. Picture for reference only. $55 shipped anywhere in the US.

                                                      I have got a new shipment of R2C replacement air filters that fit the 2013 Teryxs. If you aren't familiar with these, they are reusable, don't need to be oiled and filter better than stock with out restricting your air flow. Picture for reference only. $55 shipped anywhere in the US.

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                                                        Have a question. Been having a fuel starving problem on my 2014 Teryx T2 800 — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                                        Have a question... Been having a fuel starving problem on my 2014 Teryx T2 800.. Before it got vented and snorkeled I replaced the stock fuel pump with a better fuel pump and cleaned the tank out. Then I got it snorkeled and vented. When on a ride did great!!! I went through a pond with water up to the dash no problems. Ran great all day. Next day a Friend wanted to go ride on trails near our house. Started it up sounded ran good but check engine light was on. Then it started the whole thing over starving for fuel wouldn't get over 3mph. Any help would be great I'm at loss!! Gas tank is vented. I do have a VFJ tune on it.

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                                                          Still having cooling issues. I am running water wetter with straight water — KAWASAKI TERYX RIDERS

                                                          Still having cooling issues. I am running water wetter with straight water. Changed thermostat. Have no air pockets, radiator is clean. Im at a loss. It isn't overheating but still running hotter than normal and fan doesn't shut off. Have no signs of blown head gasket and it is circulating. plugs look good, fan works good. I am at a loss. What have u guys done to help with running hot. The only aftermarket parts is exhaust and filter.

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