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Knalpot Creampie Yogyakarta zz1 ninja stainless

memperlancar gas buang sehingga menghasilkan perfoma yang optimal dan dengan bahan stainless yang bekualitas dan tentunya menjadikan tunggangan kita lebih stylist. Karakter suara knalpot garing


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    hey zxers Man I sure hope someone can help me out I smacked a beaver last... — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

    hey zxers. Man I sure hope someone can help me out.I smacked a beaver last fall, yea, a real beaver.Exploded my front fender,then took out my plastic lower front fairings. Not repairable.To make matters worse, over the winter, had major medical issues,took all extra $ I had for repairs but was able to buy a fender from Greens bike salvage in Ky. for 40.$. Had to do without my B.P. meds for a mo. for that,but at 65 yrs. old, livin on S.S.,life has became more difficult.NOT tryn to put out a sob story, just tryin to find my fairings. Just want to race my baby one more yr. New, oem prices are off the menue for me.Not askin for a handout,dont ride that road, but sure would appreciate some kind of help here . Want to post my pics, but not till baby is right. Do have time slip from last race at Gateway from last fall, Best ever for me and baby, 9.01@ 162, 1.19 60 ft.,Stock except for injectors, fat tire, 8 over arm. Not bad for my 06 zx with 18,xxx mi. Took 2 nd place that nite, broke out by .001. Bummer.ANY help would GREATLY APPRECIATED, thanks. And the beaver, the collision didn't kill him, but I did.

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