My Love. Tum Mujhe Itna Pyaar Kyun Krte Ho — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

My Love :- Tum Mujhe Itna Pyaar Kyun Krte Ho.. ??

Me :- Ek Tamannna Hai Tumhe Paane Ki..

My Love:- Har Waqt Kyun Udas Rehte Ho.. ??

Me :- Koshish Hai Tumhe Har Khushi Dilane Ki..

My Love :- Har Waqt Kyun Sochte Ho.. ??

Me :- Aadat Ho Gai Hai Tumhe Khayalo Me Apna Banane Ki..

My Love :- Kabhi Chand Bhi Chahkar Apna Hua Hai.. ??

Me :- Ek Umeed Hai Is Umeed Me Zindagi Bitane Ki..

My Love :- Mai Na Mili Toh.. ??

Me :- To Koshish Karunga Zindagi Mitane Ki..

My Love :- Tumhe Kya Milega Mar Kar.. ??

Me :- Ek Umeed Agle Janam Me Tumhe Apna Banane

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    WWW. FAT300CUSTOMCYCLES. COM — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14


    Putting her up FOR SALE Time for another custom project.


    ZX14 under 1800 miles on it.

    Totally Custom Everything

    20" - 22" Swingarm with 330mm Rear Tire.

    Too Much to List

    Anyone interested please email to


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      I stopped by Cycle Gear s bike night this evening as they were having a sale on... — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

      I stopped by Cycle Gear’s bike night this evening as they were having a sale on batteries and I needed one for my M109R. As I was leaving, two ‘Busas pulled in behind my bike. Not really blocking me but kind of in the way. They were definitely not being jerks. There was just not a lot of parking. When I got on, one of them asked me if I had enough room to get out. I said I wasn’t sure as this was my first week riding. Not only did he quickly move his bike, but so did the other guy and the guy in front of me pulled further forward. I backed out and as I started up, I overheard the girl, who is the manager, say to them, “He is full of $#!*. He’s been riding longer than I have been alive.”

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        George Hatziyianis shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Ninja® ZX-14. — Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

        Somehow we were removed from the group although we are back.

        Thanks from FAT300 Custom Cycles Inc

        If we can ever help out please check our website

        for all year ZX14 accessories, parts and custom

        need too. We are rated #1 in ZX14 Parts and have the LARGEST Inventory out there. Also all ZX14 Parts and Accessories can be found on 1 easy link egory=ZX-14+Accessories

        We Customs bikes for sale too....Thanks again and go join our

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