Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Anyone here besides me have a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14? If so, throw me a conversation peice.

  • Hi all, I to am a new ZX14 owner down here in Oz. So far am very happy.

    2008 Atomic Silver, Staintune Exhaust; Genmar Risers

  • Bet it is riding weather year round there. Australia

  • Pretty much all year riding for me. Can get cold in winter but not US/Canada cold ;)

  • Cold to me is anything under 50 degrees as far as riding weather. Can tolerate 45.

  • an absolute gun ! what else can be said about this machine !

  • Hey guys, working on a group for "ZX-14 Riders", which is the name of the group. Dont get me wrong, I think all kawi is awsome but the ZX-14 is a bike of its own kind. Throw som posts and pics that way if you are interested in helping to get this group started!!!

  • I picked up a used 2006 ZX-14 in May of 2008. I was actually looking for something like a V-strom or FZ-1, but when I laid eyes on this bright red beauty, I knew I'd be taking it home.

    My first bike was an 87 Ninja 750R, and of the 13 bikes I've owned in my life, my favorite street bikes have been the 750R, a ZX-6E I owned back in 96-98, and now the ZX-14. I just have a thing for the big, comfy Ninjas.

  • usually the 'Boro and center hill dam.

  • I have a 2007, with no mods, who needs em, the bike is freakin fast.

  • I'm currently on a zx6....still weighing up on if I move up whether I should go to a zx10 or zx14. I do like the comfort / power of the zx14 but like the agility of a zx6. Haven't yet ridden the 10 or 14 though so am speculating....