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I need some advice. I have a 1980 kz650 with pod filters and a stock exhaust. I have read TONS of forums and looked all over the internet and I see that with my set up the math equates to between 0 increase and +1 on the main jet... which doesn't even justify an increase in pilot jet. My question is: does anyone have pod filters and a stock exhaust and have experience with the jetting? I am concerned I am going to re-jet it with only one size increase and see no difference at all. Second question: am I inhibiting flow with the very restrictive stock exhaust? I could just make a custom exhaust before jetting, then go with +3 or 4 on the main jet and +1 on the pilot. Thanks for the advice and help everyone.

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Hi everyone. I m in the process of replacing all the wiring on my 1977 kz1000 — Kawasaki KZ Riders

Hi everyone. I'm in the process of replacing all the wiring on my 1977 kz1000. The bike came with all kinds of household wiring and incorrect fittings and I'm returning it to standard, before it burns itself to the ground. I've got a complete new main loom, new switches, warning lights, regulator / rectifier etc. My question is - the wiring diagram shows a 0.5 ohm 20 watt resistor in the headlamp wiring. Is this really the correct value? 0.5 ohm seems too low to be correct. Should it say 0.5K ohm? What is it for? Where is it mounted on the actual bike? I don't seem to have this in my current set-up. Thanks in advance...

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    Ok guys I found a bad plug wire on one of the coils with non replaceable wires... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

    Ok guys. I found a bad plug wire on one of the coils with non replaceable wires so I cut back the insulation and soldered a part of a bother plug wire on to make it long enough to reach the plug. I have spark fuel air in that cylinder yet it won't even fire. My compression tests are 1:95. 2:95. 3:90. 4:120 cylinders 1,3,4 are all firing my spark in 2 is slightly weak but I'd think enough to still fire. What's going on here I'm very confused. Please help!

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      Photos from Achilleas Peleus's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders

      This was my first Cafe', my unrestricted 78'KZ650SR-D1, I got this bike back in early 2000 back in Long Island NY, around 02'-03', this bike was a mess and missing many parts and it didn't run! So with help of my riding buddies we got it running & then the restore started. When we first got it finally running, it was only running on three cylinders. One of the cylinders wasn't firing and all we did was just get it real hot and the beast awoke with a flash right out of the Vance & Hines, now all four cylinders were firing and boy did she scream! One of the only cool parts that this bike came with, matter of fact, that's the only cool part that came with this bike was the Vance & Hines four into one performance pipe. The next thing was to ride her, and this is by far the smoothest bike. More of this story here >

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        1978 Kawasaki KZ1000C1 Police Full Speedometer — Kawasaki KZ Riders

        This is a full speedometer assembly

        removed from a 1978 KZ1000P C1

        Original Authentic Kawasaki KZ1000-P Police Speedometer And Pursuit Gauges/Meters

        Left Hand Speedometer Gauge > Part # 25005-1016

        Right Hand Speedometer Pursuit Gauge > Part # 25005-1015

        These Gauges Are Correct for a

        1978 KZ1000 Police C1 C1-A Models Only

        Lh speedometer has Mph scale. RH speedometer has pursuit Mph scale.

        All glass and chrome nice.Wiring in good condition no breaks all

        original. Speedometers works. Rubber around

        meters are in good condition.

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          I run right price bikes I have had a customer that is unhappy that I didn t get... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

          I run right price bikes I have had a customer that is unhappy that I didn't get his bike done fast enough. His name is Mike colb . And is now trying to slam my name on here . That is fine with me. I work a full time job besides trying to get my business off the ground. If I would have taken his bike back to him and told him I couldn't fix it than I would of giving his money back. But he was inpatient kept blowing my phone up with msg . Not my fault he is butt hurt and can't act like an adult. His wiring was so screwed up I was tracking all the circuits down was close to having it figured out. And if he new any thing about mechanics he would know that 4 bottles filled with fluid is for a home made carburetor synchronizer now him and his boys keep trying to bash my name and I will still get work regardless of what Mike and Ryan and all them say. Have a great day. My group is right price bikes. Have many customers on there that will say only positive about me. It will b a cold day in hell before Mike kolb gets a dime of that money back. If u have dealt with me on fixing your bike feel free to speak up about your experience with me. Thanx and have a blessed day.

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            Tech question Changed float bowl gaskets on 79 kz1000 E1 shaft drive because... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

            Tech question. Changed float bowl gaskets on 79 kz1000 E1 shaft drive because they were leaking. Old age? No problem. Let run and get up to temp and check for leaks all are leaking around screws. Checked and screws are tight then started leaking through accelerator pump. Correct gaskets were used. Sealant of some sort to be used? Thanks for your help!

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              1977 Kawasaki KZ650 — Kawasaki KZ Riders

              I purchased this low number bike (VIN# 002234) while stationed in Virginia and rode it all the way to my father's home near Branson, Missouri before hauling it to California by trailer. It runs great and I wouldn't hesitate to ride it any where. I adjusted the cam chain, changed the oil & filter, plugs and wire caps, swapped out a set of drag bars and added a new set of AVON tires before my trip. All lights, controls, brakes and components work great. She's just a good old bike. The side covers have no cracks and are in great shape but the tank is dented and all of the paint is faded. Mileage is 18823. $2500 OBO

              Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I have many more photos upon request. PM me. Thanks for looking.

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                Photos from Jeremy Phillips's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders


                Pics of the parts for this bike off eBay just to show the value that's in this bike. The odometer alone is 800 to replace so not easy to get or find obviously so yea please no dumb lowball offers thanks.

                I got a very nice custom 81 Kawasaki GPZ 1100 Eddie Lawson replica drag bike, has air tank built into the rear swing arm for air shifter, lowered, stretched, custom paint, I do have the front plastic and the windshield just not on it in the pic. Also have wiring diagrams, repair Manuel, clean open title, and a whole other 1100 motor ready to be put back together, this bike isn't a beginner bike and i know what its worth, looking for 600-1000cc rocket with cash, may trade out right for the right deal. This bike is loud as hell and fast, low as hell too, has custom 4into1 Vance and Hines exhaust, motor has been built a few months ago before I got it, can get the number for the shop who did work but no paperwork on it. Miles are unknown, can give you the previous owners name and number for verification of work done and he can provide number for the shop, would love to keep it but it scares the hell outta me, for my asking price this is a good deal, mint condition one just sold on here for $12,500. head light and taillight work turn signals need hooked up but are there and on the bike, didn't need them as it was drag bike, electric start etc work as should, paint and seat are in excellent shape, tires are in great shape, bike is a beast. 5500 obo no lowballs but you can shoot me trade with cash offers on the following items.

                600cc-1000cc sport bikes 1996 or newer

                125cc atv with cash

                150cc atv with

                150cc-250cc gocart with cash

                Dual street bikes

                May take a non titled rocket but need cash with it as well

                May trade for nice car which will be inspected by a mechanic on site

                Or shoot me cash offers absolute bottom dollar is $4,500

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                  Is there anyone that could tell me where the wires run from my stock ignition... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                  Is there anyone that could tell me where the wires run from my stock ignition switch? 78 kz650. I have bare bones wiring. I bobbed the bike and am using the stock ignition has 6 wires. I just need to wire to turn on power so everything works. There are no switches, kick start only. I have had several people help with a wiring diagram here so I figured someone could help with this lol. Again I'm electrical illiterate. All the bare bones wiring diagrams I've got have only two wires from ignition, well like I said I have 6 on mine lol. Any help would be swell!

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                    Ok here s a shot in the dark anyone have a schematic for a 78 kz650 electrical — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                    Ok here's a shot in the dark, anyone have a schematic for a 78 kz650, electrical. Here's the kicker, I removed the original wire harness, rewired with just headlight and tail light/brake light. Aside from the points and coils and whatnot that's the only electrical. I need a cut and dry, dumbed down version lol, I'm having power/charging issues and I believe I may have something hooked up wrong. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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                      I have a KZ chassis that has been converted. It is stretched and raked — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                      I have a KZ chassis that has been converted. It is stretched and raked. The bike is currently torn apart. I have a 1327 MTC big block motor with a back cut trans and a welded crank and an MRE lock up clutch. 38mm Mikuni RS flat slides. And an 1 7/8 primary tube Vance and Hines header. There are way to many parts to list. It is not complete. But I'm not missing much. The picture is old. It was before it was torn apart for paint and powder coat. I have pics of the parts if you are interested. I am asking $3600. Well over $4k invested. If this isn't allowed here please let me know.

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                        Need some help here with my KZ1100 When I got the bike it had an H4 conversion... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                        Need some help here with my KZ1100. When I got the bike, it had an H4 conversion housing, but the headlight only worked on high beam. Put the sealed beam from another bike in and both high/low worked. Tore out the glass fuse block, replaced with inline blade fuses and a new H4 bulb and everything was fine.

                        I was out for a ride tonight and the low beam decided to die on me (bulb is less than a month old). It is still lit, but so dim you can't see it and the fault light is on. The high beam works fine and doesn't seem to be dim at all.

                        Do I need to bypass the RLU or is the H4 bulb conversion the problem?

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                          Issue. Bike burns a bit of oil while running — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                          Issue: Bike burns a bit of oil while running

                          New to me KZ750E


                          -Day 1: Picked up this bike with no carb boots, air box, or filter installed. Rode it about .5 miles around the block and it ran like poo.

                          -Day 2: Cleaned carbs, a quick bench sync, tossed them on along with the stock boots, air box, and filter. Took it around the .5 mile block and it runs MUCH better

                          -Day 3: Let bike get up to temp. Noticed idle was high, adjusted and took it around .5 mile block to test. Idle stays where it should.

                          This is the 3rd time I've taken the bike around for a short trip, and noticed that it's burning a bit of oil.(Light blue tint in the smoke). It's about the same consistency when riding so it's not like I'm setting a smoke screen like James Bond. I'd say about the same or a bit less than a two stroke.

                          Thoughts on where to start troubleshooting?

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                            So I have this 77 kz750b twin I m working on Parts are available but aren t as... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                            So I have this 77 kz750b twin I'm working on. Parts are available but aren't as plentiful as say a honda 750. I see very few for sale on craigslist and ebay so it's hard to assess a potential value, I've seen them between 2000 and 3000 in running semi original condition. Can anyone give me a solid value for these bikes? Are they considered rare or are they just unpopular? I know the kz900s and kz1000s are valuable and popular. I just would like to know what I should realistically expect to get for this thing if I ever sell it..

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                              Photos from Michael Lee Yoder's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                              This kind of drama is the reason I started this new KZ Riders group. I got banned from the other KZ Riders group because the admin Mike Hays was on a power trip. He acts like he's a God. I posted a screenshot of an item listed on eBay so I could ask other KZ riders opinions of the item. I had stated that I was not selling anything and there was no link to the listing, but Mike Hays kept removing my post and calling it a sale post. You won't have to deal with that kind of drama on this page. No drama or power trip from the admins. Also sales are permitted. I hope everyone continues to enjoy the page and that we keep growing. Don't forget to share us with your friends and on other bike pages that allow it.

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                                Photos from Mikhail Lewis's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                The admin of the other page had this number available for anyone to call. He also liked to talk trash about the admins on this page. Feel free to let him know what you think or if you trust his services. I won't be posting in that group.

                                I got removed from another page due to some

                                Nazi administrators. Called them out on their behaviour. Then they block me. Mike hays and Eric doerr started talking trash. Saying I'm not the real deal when clearly I am. I don't see any other admins on any bike pages have done something remotely close to what the admin on this page is doing.

                                This is the only post of this nature that will ever be posted. There will be no posts like this in the future. I want it to be better than the other group, with less drama. This exposes their drama, and why we do not want it here. I responded reasonably calling them out on their behaviour, then the administrators acted like children throwing out insults. Zero tolerance for any insulting remarks towards anyone.

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                                  Photos from David Shaoul's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                  I have a 1976 Kawasaki KZ900. I have spoke wheels, if that's important?? I recently took the front wheel off to get a flat fixed, figured why pay the extra dough for something I could pull off myself. Two questions:

                                  one, which way should the arrows be pointing when I replace the front wheel?

                                  Two, I am curious where that piece that is circled on the shop towel goes for some reason I just found it and I know it goes to the motorcycle. Oops?

                                  Thanks in advance this is the last piece I need to complete in order to get my bike on the road. Peace


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                                    Can anyone help please I am making a few minor modifications for my height on... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                    Can anyone help please? I am making a few minor modifications for my height on my KZ 750. I badly need dog leg levers and a few bike bits searches don't even seem to recognise model. Can anyone advise some that would fit?? ..a guy is helping me and it's currently in his workshop so at this moment l can't send photo of current levers in detail, but can when it returns home. I cannot handle the bike with current levers!! I found them a god send for my Z550 years ago.. l will be eternally grateful for a solution!

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                                      Photos from Jerry Menzel's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                      i own a 1980 Z1 classic 1000 G four point fuel injected kawasaki with 18000 miles ,its a one year production starts and runs fine ,once you figure out the moves , i'm to old to really enjoy riding is thing so my question is its worth , i would like 4,000 , i ve had it painted and the decal stripes removed , striped by weird wally out of macomb co. mi and i added the rear cowling that it should have had on it in the first place to make it like my 73 Z1 thanks for looking that this one year wonder. the bump in the seat hides the computer so the grab bar wound not fit over the add on tail piece - kawasaki jerry

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                                        Photos from Brian G. Lawson JD's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                        Urgent: Ignition Help Needed.

                                        Hey Guys and Gals, some of you may know my bike by now, some not; I have a 1978 Kawasaki KZ650sr.

                                        I recently completed (well, almost) a pretty thorough restoration of my bike and tried to get her riding again. I fired get up and rose her down the road for about 15 minutes and then she died off. Tinkering afterwards, i noticed one coilpack started to smoke so I disconnected the Juice and started inspecting. I noticed that the coil that was smoking was really warm, and then i noticed that the other coil had a few cracks in it (pictured) and was also warm. After tinkering more and never getting anymore spark i dug out the Clymer's manual, looked up the checking procedure and found that neither coil had the required primary resistance of 4ohms; one was 1.6ohms and the other was .6ohms. The secondary resistance was off too.

                                        So, a member on here recommended Emgo replacement coils and i picked up a pair. I reused my old plug caps, got them installed, and she fired right up with what sounded like a much stronger Spark. I rode the bike up the road and after about 10 minutes i lost cylinders 1 & 4; one of the new coils had ceased to function. I saw a puff of smoke and noticed that some "material" had ever so slightly shot out of the coil near each terminal. (pictured). checking the resistance, the new, bad coil had a primary reading that looked like a secondary reading and had no reading in the secondary....

                                        Ok, now, on to MY QUESTION, FINALLY.. HAHA

                                        So, i have two New Coils for the bike, both have consistent readings for Primary and Secondary resistance: 4.1ohms primary, and about 12.9k, secondary. The Clymer Manual states that it should be 4ohms and 23Kohms, but these are the coils that everyone and everywhere recommended.. Anywho

                                        What I'm wondering is, should i run new wiring from the 1st connections for the three wires going to my coils? this would allow me to avoid wiring that i can't visually inspect that is inside the main harness. I Have measured the resistance to make sure i wouldn't be bypassing a wire that perhaps wasn't supposed to have resistance on it in line from the factory. The Green and the black neither have any resistance from the points to the 1st connector, however they also have no resistance on them from the 1st connection to the actual connection where they meet their respective coils (which is inside main harness); this leads me to believe that they are fine, right? The yellow/red wire however does have some resistance from the first connector to the coil (also inside main harness), and it measures in at 0.476Kohms. So, i probably shouldn't bypass this one, correct?

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                                          If this was offerd up for sale would there be any interest from this group — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                          If this was offerd up for sale, would there be any interest from this group. 1979 kawasaki KZ1000 st. Shaft drive, stock engine, highly modified rear suspension. One up bike. Rides great (when running) not running at present. Has an electrical issue. I lied, it does run but no lights. May be as simple as a selanoid failure. Also needs a gasket on magneto cover. I am in the middle of another build and have not given this bike the attention it deserves. Long story behind this bike. One of a kind. This picture taken upon completion. Still in this condition. I put approximately 4000 miles on it.

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                                            Hey guys — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                            Hey guys,

                                            Hoping the community can help me figure out my plug fouling issue. 1979 kz650 55,000 miles carbs were thoroughly cleaned last season. Non ethanol gas only since. New coils and plug wires. NGK B7ES plugs. Points adjusted and functioning per FSM. Timing is spot on. Runs fantastic for about 60 miles and then the number 2 plug fouls and it runs like garbage. All three of the other plugs read tan. I'm thinking maybe carb synch issue, valve clearance, voltage loss at coil? Am I missing something?


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                                              So a friend of mine contacted me awhile back asking if I was interested in... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                              So a friend of mine contacted me awhile back asking if I was interested in taking a bike off his hands. I had seen a set of bars poking up in among his things in his garage not knowing what it belonged to at the time. Turns out it's a 1983 Kawasaki 550 LTD which he sold to me for whole dollar and a twelve pack. After moving things around we pulled the bike out of the garage so I could look at it, other than an oil leak everything is in immaculate original condition I was a little excited and forgot to take some pictures but they will be here soon.

                                              Also I'm sure I will need to fix the oil leak and eventually get some other things fixed since it sat for 10 years. Are there any riders out there know of a good place to get parts in central Alberta?

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                                                2 30 am I am finished working on motorcycle Valve clearances are perfectly in... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                                2:30 am I am finished working on motorcycle. Valve clearances are perfectly in the lower/mid section of specified range, cleaned out last oil with only 1500 km on it with sea foam in crankcase and ran for 10 km the drained and new filter, Kawasaki synthetic oil. Sea foam in gas tank. New spark plugs. Cleaned foam filter and oiled. New cables, polished all aluminum, fresh Chromed luggage rack, new paint on gas tank and sidecovers. In three weeks I will be tearing the cylinder head off and replacing head gasket. Photo to come in morning on way to Rocky Mountains for one week.

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                                                  Photos from Aaron Keil's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                                  Selling used ZX11 body & Pro Mod fairing $500 OBO. Yes, you can run that body on a small tire by changing the fenderette, modifying it with a little creativity, or laying over your frame & seeing if it really even bothers you that much

                                                  Also selling a small tire roller, Mark II cases bored, studded (APE upper & lower) with main support, 1500 block & pistons, lock up, Dayna ignition & pickup, slider, ported KZ head 31/37.5 and more. Check out my other posts, or get ahold of me. I don't have the newer messenger, I'm on the old system. I can help with delivery, for a fee. Fuel isn't free, neither is shipping. Let's be reasonable.

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                                                    Photos from Michael Lee Yoder's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                                    Got a little experiment going on here. Always thought colored chains were kinda cool. Decided I wanted a lime green chain for my current cafe bike project, but didn't wanna spend money on a colored chain right now as there are more important parts I need to buy. I had a can of lime green high temp engine enamel paint lying around. So I cleaned and degreased my current chain and hit one side of it with 2 heavy coats of lime green engine enamel. Looks good for now. Let's see how long it lasts.

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                                                      Well I installed my Dyna S ignition on my 81 KZ750 LTD tonight It took longer... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                                      Well I installed my Dyna S ignition on my 81 KZ750 LTD tonight. It took longer than I thought bcuz the instructions were for when replacing points. In my case I was replacing pickup coils and an ic igniter. So I had to follow some wires and make some educated guesses, but I got it right the first try. So far I'm very happy. This is a definite improvement over what it was before, as it was only running on cylinders 1 and 4 and I had gotten tired of fussing with it. It still needs timed but I'll do that another day. My garage is in the dining room and my roommate is trying to slp. Lol.

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                                                        Photos from Richard Hands's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                                        Got a little kz400 project the other day. It is in lots of bits and has been off the road and moved around for 20 years. A quick inspection strip of the motor has prove hilarious! Good job that the owner never managed to get it running after the last rebuild.

                                                        One of the inlet stubs wrongly fitted, instant gasket blocking all the oil ways,one camchain sprocket bolt missing, worn pistons but bore perfect?, two bent exhaust valves and a broken oil ring so far!!! Oh, and a bag in the spares containing the two balance shafts and drive chain. Not sure whether to cut my losses or try to repair it all. If anyone has parts to help I'd be grateful!!!

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                                                          Photos from Michael Lee Yoder's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                                          SO..... I'm thinking about cutting the sprocket cover on my 81 KZ750 LTD. For 2 reasons. Reason 1. I would no longer need to remove the cover to swap the front sprocket. And I will b swapping front sprockets alot this summer. For drag racing purposes. Lol. Reason 2. In my opinion if done right it looks pretty cool. The following 2 pics show roughly how I'm thinking of doing it. The first pic was one I found on Google. It is similar to how I want mine. The second pic is showing where I would like to cut mine. Has anyone here done this? Did u like it? Regret it? Show me pics. Plz and thanks.

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                                                            Hey hoping someone can help me I just purchased a Caltric voltage reg... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                                            Hey hoping someone can help me. I just purchased a Caltric voltage reg/rectifier for my 76 kz 900. My mechanic discovered my bike does not even have the old units in place as the bike was a drag bike prior to me owning it. He has been working on these bikes for 30 years but has never had to deal with the single component. He only knows about the units being 2 different parts. Long story short I received the part and it has a white plug on the end with metal plugs inside that do not match what is on the bike. The bikes female end looks like it has pin holes. The plugs i have match what would go into a wall socket almost. The bike has 2 places it could possibly go. One female end is white and the other plug is green. How can i find the schematic for this thing because we are stuck. I have googled schematic for caltric voltage reg/rectifier and i can't find a thing. Someone please help me.

                                                            Thanks in advance.


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                                                              Hey fellow KZ riders So today I changed the oil in my 80 KZ650F and after... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                                              Hey fellow KZ riders! So, today I changed the oil in my 80' KZ650F and after reading many different opinions out there about what oil to use, I chose to go will Shell Rotella T 15W/4 as that seemed to be what was the most highly regarded for these old classics. All I can say is about the result of using this product today after a 2 hour ride. Is wow! You all that made these recommendations are geniuses! The clutch response has never been as smooth and the engine just purrs. Thanks to those that have made that oil recommendation!

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                                                                Photos from Ray Navarrette's post — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                                                These are online pics in the same paint schemes as the four KZ's I've had in my past and was dumb enough to sell . I don't have the pic's of the actual bike's , I had them over 30 years ago , these pics are identical to how I had them set up so they are all I have. I repainted the KZ550 racing yellow with a blacked out engine from it's factory Red , after it fell over and the tank got a dented against a pole. Damm, I had just gotten it to, advice, never park your bike on dirt without putting something hard like a piece of wood under it. It rained overnight, and the dirt softened so the bike tipped and hit the pole it was chained to.

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                                                                  My 77 KZ1000P Currently for sale in Fort Wayne IN if anyone is looking for one... — Kawasaki KZ Riders

                                                                  My '77 KZ1000P. Currently for sale in Fort Wayne, IN if anyone is looking for one around the Midwest. Motor was built a few years ago by one of the guys who used to work at Schnitz, don't remember if he said it was the 1127 or 1145(?) kit, but it has the big flatside Mikunis, stretched swingarm w/hard struts (obviously), and an R1 rear wheel swap with less than 20 miles on the new rubber. Put the tire on & was riding when the clutch cable stretched out on me, have the new cable, clutch plates, and a freshly rebuilt rear brake caliper and extra pads for her today.

                                                                  $2,800 obo

                                                                  Need cash to add on to the garage to make room for the pair of kz750's and pair of kz440's I picked up to build last Fall. Lol.

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                                                                    Thanks for letting me join this group I ve been away from riding and wrenching... — Kawasaki KZ Riders


                                                                    Thanks for letting me join this group, I've been away from riding and wrenching for over 30 years now but I used to be a Z mechanic around 1982 and worked for a dealership here in Southern CA. At one time I had a Z1, 2 KZ900's and a KZ550 all at the same time. Very regrettably, I sold them all and moved on to something else and put biking in my review. Now I'm back. I was looking for a Z to work on but my wife who is a Harley lover, just recently surprised me with a 2016 Harley 750 Street, not your typical Harley but it has a very Z like feeling , even the wide tank reminds me of my old 900's. Anyway, looking to pick up another 900 ,650 or even a GPZ to get back in the Z game. Oops, forgot to mention that the Z900 is my favorite bike of all time, I know there are Ninja's now that could wipe them off the road but so what , honestly I would still like to have a nice Z1 or KZ900. Thanks again.

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