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It's my brother bike so I'm selling it for him.. You are looking at pretty much a brand spanking new 89 kx500... The engine was rebuilt from the ground up in 2016.. 87mm wiseco piston kit..boysen rad wossner genuine pwk 39mm carb..all new plastics seat cover tires all new bearings front to fmf gnarly & silencer ...everything is all new... $3500 obo... Bike might have 2 hrs on New engine...Bikes are located in central Florida... We live close to Orlando...if your interested inbox me or for more info..


Got a question about my kx500 I can t get it to hit the power band it runs... — kawasaki kx 500

Got a question about my kx500. I can't get it to hit the power band it runs strong but won't clean out and get on it I've done everything except the stator, coil and cdi I'm thinking about getting the after market setup that replaces those parts and increases wattage so I can add lights has anyone done this upgrade and is one better than another.



Hello everyone I m new to the group I have few qestions if anyone could help me... — kawasaki kx 500

Hello everyone I'm new to the group I have few qestions if anyone could help me out it be appreciated I'm also new to the kx 500 but here is what I have I got a 87 kx500 motor needs the top end done ive had few people tell me some of the newer parts will swap and others say scrap it wich I just want to build nice everyday motor not a race motor this motor needs a new sleeve installed which is no biggie so I gona put sleeve in from la sleeve and here is where I need help the piston kit would prolly be the two ring piston which the 87 I guess only had one is that gona be a problem with port timeing also will I need to get head shaved down to run the newer style piston and again I'm just looking to get a running motor nothing fancy nor race motor I'd be interested in a top end that I could just bolt on and go if anyone has one laying around there not useing and doesn't have a need for I would prefer a stock bore cylinder that would work on my 87 thanks in advance


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I mentioned in an earlier post that my KX5 was running soft off the bottom on my last ride.bI had not done anything different from earlier rides. Thinking that the reeds might need replacing decided to order a Rad Valve to try.

Installed today, set jetting per their recommendations as a starting point. Bike started clean, revved easy so thought I found a solution. Went to ride and it's even more soft on the bottom now. Played with jetting and didn't make that much of a difference.

Anyone one had similar issue and come up with a solution???? Possible a coil issue???

Any help will be appreciated....


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Rant of the day.

Come on guys let's use the right terms when we talk.

1 it's an engine not a motor an Engine makes its own power an motor uses a remote power supply ie Hydraulics or electricity.

2 it's an compression release. Not a decompression valve. We are releasing some of the competition so it's not as hard to kick over. Not unsqueezing it.


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Looking to sell my 91 KX 500 project for $1,800. It runs great,has good compression,no engine case damage. It goes through all gears fine,has Boysen Rad Valve,FMF pipe and silencer,and Renthal bars.

I took bike apart as soon as I got it home,so it is currently disassembled,it needs new wheel bearings,steering stem bearings,and linkage bearings,pretty easy and cheap to do. Frame has one broken pipe mount,subframe is good.

Everything is there,nothing missing.

Bike is located in Grand Blanc Michigan.

PM me if interested.

I planned on restoring it,but I would rather spend time with my new girl,my 2017 KTM 150 SX.


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Just starting this rebuild 1994. Have some questions about this frame. Haven't been able to find another like it except on the 1994 Baja 1000 winning bike. Full skid plate with extra skid protection and steering stabalizer post from the factory. The guy I bought it from believed it was a factory Kawi race bike maybe a practice bike? No sign of lights so I don't think it ever competed in the Baja 1000. Any thoughts or knowledge would be appreciated! New to the group love it!


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Parting out the kx500 in the pictures . Anyone need anything ? I really havent figured out pricing yet but we can work it out. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs . Your best best is to text me . Ill answere faster that way . Will sell whole thing for $400. Located youngstown ohio 44514 USA

Ryan 330.774.4884

Little more information about the bike. Its kind of a mut . I traded a guy my cr250 for it because i wanted the engine. Frame i believe is a 2000, rear shock is a purple 94 , front forks are off a 1989 i believe . The guy said upside down forks were to stiff for him . So theres really not a specific year for it . I will answere everything to the best of my ability. Other than the tank, motor , wiring , and exhaust everything else is there . A nice roller .


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for sale, kawasaki kx 500 1991,

new spokes, rims anodized, hubs powder coated, talon rim locks, swinging arm anodized, new front and rear chain guides and swinging arm bearing. Ohlin rear shock.

new wheel bearings, discs and pads.

hydraulic clake clutch from Australia, pro circuit rear tail pipe, DPR front piped all new engine bolts and bolts and nuts in general.

GMX radiators, venhill front and rear brake pipes, new hand guards, new carburettor boot, 250 89 tank. aluminium rear tail pipe and tank mounts

engine rebuilt in 2015 see photos been used 3 time's.

2 minor faults front forks need a service and front pipe exhaust bracket needs altering.

pm me price


EBC Dirt Racer Clutch Set DRC15 Fits:Kawasaki Kx250 Kx500 NOS OPEN PACKAGE — kawasaki kx 500

EBC DRC Series Clutch Kit - DRC15


1987-1989 Kawasaki KX250

1989-2004 Kawasaki KX500

Item Description:





Original MSRP Price: $165.95



Hi all — kawasaki kx 500

Hi all

Is there any chance to decode kawasaki vin number ?

I have an oportunity to buy one, but im not sure about year of manufacture



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Im new to the KX500, im a trike guy..

I have a pile of Tecates..

My most recent purchase was someones unfinished kx500 build. I understand if there are purists here that think its crazy but i really want to finish this build..

Anyways.. i have no spark, previous owner had it running a few years ago, but has sat a while. He put a good stator in it recently..

Anyone have a CDI for sale reasonable? I have a Tecate coil to try.

Is there a way to test CDI?

Here it is... and its not for sale lol

Thanks in advance



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99 KX500 for sale. Facebook has been a pain to try and post pictures too so I made a google album. Check the link below


I have uploaded more pictures of everything I thought necessary.

I've had it for a year, It ran well but there were a few things I wanted to repair so I started disassembling it and ran out of the time I needed to work on it. I would like to sell it as a whole but may part it out. These are the things that I know need attention.

Radiators- neither are in great shape. one has been repaired with what looks like JB weld (photos below) I have two oversized "Mylers Radiators" that have never been used. Those are 200$ for the set.

Motor- Ran well, didn't seem to have any issues. Has been ported. Leaks a little transmission fluid out of output shaft seal. The two support fins (or whatever they are) in the intake have cracked where they meet the top of the intake near the cylinder (photos below). The brake has not worn through the case. I have the original plastic stator cover as well. PENDING SALE

Frame- I'm guessing the famous exhaust mount broke and was repaired and it's not the prettiest thing. The frame is straight and doesn't have any major damage that I have seen. It is worn where your boots would rub against the frame.

Sub-Frame- The subframe is in decent shape but has been bent. I think it could be straightened pretty easily doesn't appear to be bent far enough that it would crack if you tried to straighten it.

Pipe- I have a FMF Gnarly that's in excellent shape with no apparent wear. Pro Circuit 304 silencer.

Tires- The rims are what you would expect from something that's been ridden but not abused. Rear tire has good tread left as well as the front but the front is showing signs of age (cracking)

Bar- I don't know what the story behind it is but it appears to have a 1 inch bar mounted in larger mounts with rubber wrapped around it to fill the extra space haha.

Tank- Stock tank, has no leaks, is starting to fade.


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Selling on behalf of a friend. 1989 kx500 with SR500 motor. Pics show everything you need to see. The two piece clutch cover is available seperately. Ohlins Kawasaki front forks. The bike isn't ridden often at all,(2/3times last year) former factory Kawasaki rider Laurence Spence can vouch for the motor being an SR.

Because of the SR motor the seller is wanting £7500.

Interested buyers please message me for the sellers details,

The bike is in Ireland but we can arrange for it to be brought to England.


Hey guys gotta clutch question My 85 which i done a quick restore mint 1... — kawasaki kx 500

Hey guys, gotta clutch question... My 85 which i done a quick restore(mint 1 owner when I got it, quick top end and done), didnt even take the side covers off. I've put 5 or six hours on it and everything worked great and the last two rides the clutch engagement has gotten really "jumpy" for lack of better term. The engagement is sudden at about half lever out. After that it holds fine, now slipping, notice nothing cornering, only from dead stop. I've had many bikes and I'm really easy on clutches, I've ran into several issues from slippage to notchy baskets, this is new on me. Thanks in advance...


What a waste of a Sunday I had. Seemingly carb problems were plaguing my 98 k5 — kawasaki kx 500

What a waste of a Sunday I had. Seemingly carb problems were plaguing my 98 k5 . So you take a carb off one of the other k5s if you have more than 1 and try it to see.well of course before installing the other carb you gotta open it compare the tang bend and float bulbs levelness. Put em in the identical state so when you do use it again it should be spot on. So I do that and use the carb from a bike running no problems. But again I have the same problem. So before i m fine scratching my head I drag somebody who is a go to "GURU" things kx500 related. As I'm dragging him into my day and hit text send key I realize that I am now wasting more than my day because I didn't even think to check to see if the petcock might be plugged. Mike - public apology for dragging you into my brainfart on your Sunday that you still have me a prompt Answer with a positive attitude . Mike weir thank you for everything you do and ask nothing in return. You're a great person!


Hey group new to owning a kx500 not new to riding and wrenching I got my 2000... — kawasaki kx 500

Hey group, new to owning a kx500, not new to riding and wrenching. I got my 2000 kx500 on a trade last year, just needed crank seals but complete. Put new seals in, gears and everything looked good and put it together. Once the engine is together, I can't find neutral. Split the cases, checked over everything again, with a Clymer manual and service manual for specs. All within specs and shift forks look good. Put back together and no neutral again??? WTF am I missing? Three times I checked everything and still no neutral. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help


I took this sticker off the very first kx500 that I bought in 2009 it was a... — kawasaki kx 500

I took this sticker off the very first kx500 that I bought in 2009, it was a rolling chassis. I sold it to a guy in Lancashire that happened to have a motor for it.

He then sold it to Paul Coward the guy that currently owns it.

its a small reminder of where this journey started. I met some great people and made good friends along the way. Long may it continue.