FOR SALE 97 kdx 220 clean ohio title. no expense was spared on this bike — Kawasaki KDX s


FOR SALE 97 kdx 220 clean ohio expense was spared on this bike.fully rebuilt top to was taken down to bare frame.engine is fully professional built.aftermarket everything.race tech suspension with gold valves built by jeff freddette.3 hours on full rebuild of every nut and bolt.i have over $3000 in receipts i also have a bunch of extra parts including a 240 big bore cylinder klx 300 forks and triple clamps and a bunch more.too much to list.serious inquiries pm is in lorain ohio.

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Regina Walters shared Ms. Motorama's photo to the group: Kawasaki KDX's. — Kawasaki KDX s

Please go on Ms Motorama Facebook page and look for my picture and like it.

I am trying out for Ms Motorama and I feel I am a great role model for motor sports. Not only do I race, I promote the sport and events. I have wrote for magazines to promote the sport and events. I started vintage racing back in Pennsylvania and help in many other states as well. I started the group TRUPA (Trike Riders United based in Pennsylvania ). And help run trike and other events in Pennsylvania. I have helped many people out just so they could be on the track racing from giving my parts to them to giving up my trike for them to race. I even gave trikes away to people to keep just so vintage racing would grow. I try getting more people involved in all kinds of racing and hill climbing events. I hand out safely gear to people that need it. And I know there is way more but I think you all get I live for the sport. So I really feel I am a great role model for Ms Motorama and I know I would do it right. So please click on my picture, like my picture and share it. Thank you so much...

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    Photos from Mike Cookson's post — Kawasaki KDX s

    Ok so I now have all the bits to reboot my 88 200's ignition system! This is my std C3 model stator which I have modified by slotting it at 90 deg a la Jeff Fredette. I then fitted my H model flywheel and a E model CDI with a CR250 coil. Phew! There was a spark when I cranked it over with the plug out so I refitted the plug and went for it. The resulting kick back nearly detached my ankle! I take it then that my timing is out somewhat! How can I get it right without putting myself in hospital? Anyone done the Fredette mod and can advise me?

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      Ok I need help I took out my 84 kdx200 for its maiden run Shifter was really... — Kawasaki KDX s

      Ok I need help. I took out my 84 kdx200 for its maiden run. Shifter was really stiff. I had to hand shift it. Was told it was probably a bent shift rod. Tore it apart again ( bought with messed up clutch) took out rod (had to punch out) found a bad burr filed down and put back in. Shifts fine centers itself I'm happy....... Put all back together, degreased case, put rtv on, let set before final tightening, added oil, straitened shifter. Put on chain, lubed it. shifted in gear once and it all locked up!!!!!!! I'm going crazy. Everything shifted so well before I put case back together. Anyone else have this problem??? Could it be my case is worn? it looked good. Or maybe end of shift rod??? Or my fears .....something in transmission? Any help would be great

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        I finally started restoring my 84 Red kdx200 that i picked up a month ago — Kawasaki KDX s

        I finally started restoring my 84 Red kdx200 that i picked up a month ago. So far i can tell i have a really solid bike mechanically only needing minor work. I will be fully refinishing the stock red oem plastics and tank and saving them. Dc plastics will be going on the bike in red. Seat has been recovered oem so far. The rear shock was totally blown and is being fully rebuilt unless someone can recommend a replacement shock that has comp/rebound adjustments, i figured i can measure the oem length ect and valve it accordingly and source a shock from a different newer bike (any suggestions) i am looking for a few parts i have checked all the normal sources with no luck! I am in need of:

        Air Box

        Fork boots

        Headlight and shroud (in red, lol

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          Photos from Kyle Kummerle's post — Kawasaki KDX s

          Well got a free kdx200 and a blaster with a ttr250 i purchased for 400$. I have always been a fan of older bikes. So this one will be getting a full oem restoration. Does anyone know where i can get shock seals and shims ect? Rear shock is blown. Plastics are red and were sadly painted, they will be stripped and refinished or if possible replaced. Tank as well will be stripped and refinished professionally. Does anyone know where to get an oem headlight/shroud i have checked ebay with no luck. Good thing is it runs and well surprisingly. The rest of everything will be powdercoated oem colors.

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            Photos from Sean Patrick Biello's post — Kawasaki KDX s

            1982 kdx250 Motor Part Out

            Motor id KHI DX250 AE004855

            Left case $55

            Right case $45

            Kick start with idle gear $40 (no lever)

            Gear shifting assembly $40

            Transmission $45 (Will separate) Gear input 3rd is beat up, part# 13129-1956

            Crank $65

            Cylinder 65 (needs bore)

            Head $40

            Reed cage and boot $30

            Trans comes with both shafts and gears

            Gear shifting assembly comes with shift shaft, drum, forks, pawl and shifter.

            Kick start assembly comes with kicker gear and idle gear.

            Additional pics upon request. If you're interested in an assembly, I'll take detailed pics of all parts included and I can disable trans for serious buyer.

            Thanks for looking and feel free to make an offer on any assembly or all of it. I'm negotiable.

            All pricing includes shipping to lower 48 states. Will ship internationally for additional shipping costs.

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              Photos from Sean Patrick Biello's post — Kawasaki KDX s

              Parting out a 1982 kdx250

              Frame $65+ shipping

              Forks $115

              Exhaust pipe $50

              DG Silencer $30

              Swingarm $55

              Swingarm bolt $20

              Shock $65 (sold)

              Triples $35

              Front Wheel $50+ shipping

              (Will sell hubs, rims, spokes separately with free shipping, just ask. Hubs $25 each.)

              Brake plates $30 each

              Front axle $15

              Rear axle $20

              Suspension arm and rods $35 (sold)

              Kick stand $20

              Seat $65

              If you see something and you want it but don't like the price, make me an offer, I'm negotiable. Will make better pricing for multiple parts. Motor part out in separate listing.

              Thank you

              Most prices include shipping to lower 48 states, unless otherwise noted.

              Will ship internationally, contact me for shipping quote.

              I will wipe of excess grease and dirt before shipping.

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                Kawasaki zzr 600 model zx600 E5 full 12 month mot in stunning condition hardly... — Kawasaki KDX s

                Kawasaki zzr 600 model zx600 E5 full 12 month mot in stunning condition hardly being used.

                had new exhaust

                new chan and sprockets

                brake and clutch leavers


                bar ends

                Tyers are in good condition

                brakes work good

                runs well

                not long had full respray

                milege over last 4 years on mot

                11.9.2014 : 47240 Mi

                2.9.2015 : 47796 Mi

                4.12.2015 : 47853 Mi

                21.4.2016 : 47856 Mi

                4 former owners of the bike from new

                Full v5c logbook present also owners manual and part service history

                Thers not 1 fault with this bike £1000 Ono or swap what you got off road or on road or van

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                  Alright guys I m in the process of trying to track down paint to paint my new... — Kawasaki KDX s

                  Alright guys I'm in the process of trying to track down paint to paint my new tank for my kdx 200 and don't feel like dropping lots of money on paint! The closest I've come the kdx green for reasonable price is the dupli color grabber green but it's engine high temp paint........anyone used it on plastic before or have any other ideas?? Pic for attention

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                    List of KDX Models along with some model variation information This... — Kawasaki KDX s

                    List of KDX Models, along with some model variation information: This information applies to USA models.


                    •KDX400-A1, first KDX model introduced


                    •KDX80-A1 introduced

                    •KDX175-A1 introduced

                    •KDX250-A1 introduced






                    •KDX420-B1, KDX400 goes to KDX420



                    •KDX175-A3, last year for KDX175


                    •KDX450-A1, KDX420 goes to KDX450, last year for KDX400/420/450



                    •KDX200-A1, first year for KDX200





                    •KDX250-B4 , last year for the air-cooled KDX250




                    198 6


                    •KDX200-C1, front disc brake, power valve engine, 43mm conventional forks




                    198 8

                    •KDX80-C5, last year for the KDX80

                    •KDX200-C3, available with lime green frame and lime green plastic or silver frame and white plastic, last year for air cooled full sized KDX


                    •KDX200-E1, heavily redesigned with liquid cooled engine, rear disc brake, different frame, improved suspension, etc.


                    •KDX200-E2, available with lime green frame and plastic or sky blue frame and white plastic


                    •KDX200-E3, last year for KDX200 available with lime green frame and plastic or sky blue frame and white plastic

                    •KDX250-D1, KDX250 reintroduced with perimeter frame, liquid cooled engine, USD forks, rear disc brake, etc.


                    •KDX200-E4, last year for full sized KDX with damping rod forks



                    •KDX200-E5, KDX200 receives upside down (USD) forks, 41mm inner tubes

                    •KDX250-D3, change to full floater front disc rotor



                    •KDX250-D4, last year for KDX250


                    •KDX200-H1, KDX200 totally redesigned with perimeter frame, conventional forks, engine, brakes, shock, etc.


                    •KDX200-H2, various parts in violet (purple)



                    •KDX220-A4, KDX220R released, almost entirely the same as KDX200, engine bore size larger, o-ring chain




                    19 99



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                      Photos from Keaton Wendt's post — Kawasaki KDX s

                      Gauging the interest in my bike! 1995 kdx 200! I've had the bike for almost 2 years, it was bought from an older gentleman that bought it from a motorcycle mechanic. It has a full fmf setup, hand guards, new grips and tires with plenty of tread on them! The clutch feels a little sticky so it feels like a newer clutch but I have no paperwork to prove this! The headlight bezel does have a crack in it but not too noticeable and never bothered me.This bike has always been cared for and taken care of! Whatever it needed it got it! I don't need to sell it and am on the edge about but it just doesn't get ridden enough and not even sure what to put on it for a price as all of the opinions I have gotten are all over the board! Here's some pics

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                        Photos from Keaton Wendt's post — Kawasaki KDX s

                        Hey guys so I'm kicking around the idea of selling my 1995 kdx 200, I love the damn thing but it's hard finding the time to ride it but won't give it away either or have to sell it! I've had it for almost two years now and I bought it from an older gentleman I went to church with and he had bought it from a motorcycle mechanic! The bike is mint, has a full fmf pipe setup on it, hand guards, grips and some other small upgrades! Tires are like new and the clutch feels like it isn't that old and is still a little sticky so maybe upgraded clutch but can't prove it! Anyone know what it's worth? Just looking for a ball park o see if it's worth my time sellin it! Pics are of my bike

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                          Photos from Achilleas Peleus's post — Kawasaki KDX s

                          I had to share this with every one, I finally found a 95'KLX650R for sale, it's not the C model, which I'd like to have, but it's the R model for offroad only. The C model is the dual sport version & the R is for offroad use only. Now I know they are not KDX, but a very cool very rare model that you never see. So I spoke to the seller and this bike came from Colorado, and like the other KLX650's I tried to buy before, he already had a buyer, missed it again. So now the bike is listed again, turns out the buyer is a flipper. So I went to see it today after a reliable buyer didn't want the R model either, C is though to find as well. So this is the pic of the bike and in great shape, I didn't have all the cash to pick it up today, but come friday he's going to part it out, I'd hate to see this unicorn parted, I'd like to keep this bike all together, let me know if anyone is interested in this bike...

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                            I gotta share this old one with you all It s 1975 Dad got me a Bridgestone 175... — Kawasaki KDX s

                            I gotta share this old one with you all. It's 1975 Dad got me a Bridgestone 175 it was not running right,cutting out n stuff. He is messing with the point's or coil something with a screw driver,,,He say's keep it going rev it up, i do. OK it's a hot day Dad's got no hair on his head, i twist the throttle WFO ,,,a spark jump's from the end of my elbow to the top of his head POW jolt's me bout knock's him out. He's mad as shit ( What the hell did you do that for ). He had a bum heart had to take a nitro pill LOL. Just wanted to share that one before it get's lost in time. Oh my friend Tim Haslett was watching and i thought he was going to puke he was laughing so hard.

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                              Marcelo Abeal Urquiza shared a link to the group: Kawasaki KDX's. — Kawasaki KDX s

                              STEVE McQUEEN THE RACE OF HIS LIFE

                              NEW AND FANTASTIC BOOK 2015

                              Author Marcelo Abeal

                              344 page It includes exclusive information and comments

                              Steve McQueen had a terrible childhood. "This made him the man he was", abandoned by his father before he was born and left aside by his mother, he grew up almost like an orphan until he was an adolescent and became the greatest Hollywood star ever.McQueen was a magnet to the box office because, rather than an actor, he was a style. He understood and took advantage of this, even in spite of making the list of his enemies even longer. "People said he was a very difficult person, simply because he was not a tame lamb which could be easily handled. He knew what was good for him. He argued to death with directors to have things done his own way. He acted like this in all aspects of life. Always on the edge."By the time he died, he had accumulated 55 cars, 210 motorbikes and was beginning to take an interest in old airplanes. But his love was not just collecting. He used to stay " I'm not sure whether I'm an actor who competes or a driver who acts".Marcelo Abeal, the author, is an enthusiast fan of Steve, as well as an actor and stuntman himself. After doing thorough research on Steve's life for over three years, he now shares his work in this unique compilation of observations, anecdotes, exclusive interviews and comments made by close friends, colleagues and people who knew Steve very well.Steve's most memorable films are "The Magnificent Seven", "The Great Escape" (exclusive comment by Tim Gibbs, stunt), "Bullitt" (exclusive interview to Don Gordon, one of his best friends), "Le Mans", "The Getaway", "Papillon", "Tom Horn" (exclusive interview to his friend, actor Mel Novak), and the series "Wanted Dead or Alive" (exclusive interview to Loren Janes, his stunt all his life). Plus, an interview to the last doctor who assisted him, Dr. Cesar Santos Vargas

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                                5 7 2015 — Kawasaki KDX s


                                BMCC Vintage 3 hour Enduro - Wedderburn Vic

                                Come and ride the track where rounds 9 & 10 of the Yamaha Vic Off Road Championships are to be held this year.

                                This event will run as a 3 hour Pony Express from 10.00am until 1.00pm (vintage rolling 25 years), Pre 91 and Pre 81 classes. The event is open to any configuration of off road bike rego or no rego. Enduro and Moto-X Bikes at this event will ride in the same class, if there is a good response age classes will be introduced, all bikes will run at the same time. Entrants have one bike each that must be from the same class period, although a bike from an earlier class is permitted to ride up a class.

                                Pre 81 build date up to December 1980, pre 91 build date up to December 1990. If one bike brakes down, both riders can ride the remaining bike.

                                Single riders that wish to participate in the 3 hour Pony Express are welcome to attend and will be paired up with another rider.

                                Single riders that wish to go it alone can ride in the Ironman class.

                                There is a non competitive event that will run for 5 hours from 10.00am until 3.00pm and this class will leave straight after the competitive riders, this class will bypass the check point.

                                Start - Le Mans start, starting area is wide.

                                During - Tickets to be punched at a check point at the start/ finish area.

                                Finish - Flag comes down on 3 hours (1.00pm). Winner is then determined on lead rider with most laps and best time. Due to the track being open competitors are welcome to continue riding until 3.00pm at there own leisure (non competitive).

                                Transponders will not be used, a tag system will be attached to the handle bars for laps completed.

                                Entry fees

                                · Competitive single day MA licence $55 + $35 entry total $90

                                · Non-competitive single day MA licence $25 + $35 entry total $60

                                · If you hold a current MA licence, entry is only $35

                                Camping is permitted on the Saturday night and is highly recommended, great yarns and tall stories to be shared.

                                Toilet facilities will be on site, NO showering facilities.

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                                  Please help Complete rebuild top and bottom end on my 86 KDX200 I put the... — Kawasaki KDX s

                                  Please help Complete rebuild top and bottom end on my 86 KDX200. I put the stator in the same spot it was. When i rev it up and it is slowing back down it hit's a couple of time's (like they all do ) but dose not sound right. More like a thump like it is kicking back ? Put a timing light on it it said it was firing too soon set it right and it got worse ? I backed the timing off quite a bit still dose it just not as bad. When it dose the thump thing sometimes smoke will come out the power valve cover on the right side ? Thank's in advance.

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                                    Bit of advice please fellow kdx people my bike runs sweet as a nut kicks over... — Kawasaki KDX s

                                    Bit of advice please fellow kdx people my bike runs sweet as a nut kicks over first kick cold or hot just lacking top end power you can feel power valve come in just not very aggressive plenty of bottom end power goes up any hill i point it at its just when riding on road power seems to drop off through the Rev range any advise would help its a 1990 thanks

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                                      Photos from Garrison G Goforth's post — Kawasaki KDX s

                                      I have for sale an extremely rare 1982 Kawasaki KDX450 that is in very good shape. The 450 was made just one year. 519 miles on the odometer. Starts up easy and runs like a top. Its a little finicky shifting into first from neutral when its cold but does so easily when warmed up. I need to play with the clutch adjustment I suppose. I have 2 sets of fresh rings and an unobtainable Wiseco piston that will be included in the sale. It has an Acerbis front fender and a DC plastics rear. The headlight works but the tail light doesn't. I'm located in central Michigan 48768. If you are interested in discussing more details about this bike send me a PM and I'll give you my phone number.


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                                        Photos from Luciano Fender's post — Kawasaki KDX s


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                                          Photos from Alex Vasquez's post — Kawasaki KDX s

                                          I picked this up for 400$ with on road title.. Guy says it has not been started since before year 2000. It was in a heated garage under a cover.. The gas smells like paint thinner lol.. It has good compression but the kick starter only grabs every 4 or 5 kicks... Any idea on my problem? I plan on doing a motor rebuild

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                                            Red 1984 KDX200 for sale in UK Comes with a rough green 1985 bike which is... — Kawasaki KDX s

                                            Red, 1984 KDX200 - for sale, in UK. Comes with a rough,green 1985 bike which is road registered and has a few sensible modifications. I just loosely bolted the red bike together today, it sparks but I didn't get it started. I took the flywheel off and checked it, it's good. I want £650 for the pair, I'm just never going to get round to doing them and if I'm honest I'm not really a Kawi person. The red bike is original and has had a charmed life I'd say. Message me on here with an email address for more photos and any questions. Cheers.

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                                              Might be of interest to some of us still playing in the mud with the 1st... — Kawasaki KDX s

                                              Might be of interest to some of us still playing in the mud with the 1st incarnation of the uni track. This is an experimental arm off one of my bikes. I had the centre machined out to take two 6002 sealed bearings and a 1mm inner sleeve made to suit the 14mm bolt.

                                              It will be going on to a practice bike and given a lot of abuse to see if it is up to it.

                                              If it works then I'll make up some ally arms that are opened out to the bearing size and maybe then find some 15mm bolts to negate the need for a shim. :-)

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                                                Just Scored this nice 1984 KDX 200 Cheap — Kawasaki KDX s

                                                Just Scored this nice 1984 KDX 200 Cheap!

                                                Just needs a Stator & Coils...

                                                Great Compression, Crank is tight, left side Crank seal looks good.

                                                Same bike as the Red one pictured above....

                                                I has all the correct Speedometer, cables, switches, Computer... I may not use them, if someone wants them PM me....

                                                I may go with a 12 volt lighting conversion set up like my `83 200

                                                Couple of Fenders and cleaning up...Forks and shock are really good.

                                                Hope I can keep it.

                                                May consider offers but I am already Emotionally attached... :P

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