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Got the Lectron carb put in on my KDX today..... Started up first kick and after adjusting the idle a little bit, it seems to be running real good. Possibly a little on the rich side but I'll wait until I actually ride it before tweaking anything. Rode it around the yard some..... It stood up in 3rd gear on its own.... In the rain on wet grass, lol..... So I guess that's good so far, lol. Anxious to actually get out and ride and see how it does


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So I bought some new tyres for my kdx however the front tyre does not seat on the rim evenly all the way around. I have deflated and re inflated a few times now and ridden it but it's still the same. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to fix this problem. You can see on the first pic on the right how it dips down and then goes back up again.


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A few pics from yesterdays ride..... One of our local OHV's closes down every year from Jan 1st through April 1st to do trail maintenance and whatnot. But this year they opened up a day early, so a handful of us went yesterday. I was the 2nd one in the gate for the year, haha..... Beat by my buddy who got there just a little earlier

Got some heavy rain and storms the couple days prior, so it was crazy wet (but luckily this place doesn't get muddy..... It has a very unique soil, plus very rocky).... But the creek crossing on 2 of the trails sure was roaring, lol. Another trail there were about a half dozen new "creek crossings" that never existed before (crazy amount of runoff). Fun times.... Had a passing shower but ended up being a beautiful day! :)


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Ok boys and girls. My shop guy had an 89 rmx he brought in because of an "antifreeze leak"..the Braniac ran it with no antifreeze...long story short a ring snagged a port, breaking a piece of piston off. No telling what kind of damage was done to the bottom. Probably a lot. The owner never returned for the bike..its been almost 3 yrs. $100 and he said its mine. This thing is 28 yrs old. It is a heap. I mite give this vintage restoration thing a shot. Im prepared to spend 2 yrs...probably 2000 -3000 to get it woods ready. What do yall think? For $100 why not..we dont get the "its not a kawasaki, its not allowed on the page" b.s. in this group..that garbage is on the kid's pages


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Bedtime story: The dirt rider Gods are working their magic. Picking up my trailer tomorrow, hated being the guy that said "can u pick me up?" every weekend. Winter is over here in Pittsburgh, and knowing i can take er out anytime i want is way cool. Been involved one way or another with dirt bikes since i was 9. Aside from my 30's which were spent with "possible problematic substance abuse" ( I never understood that diagnosis, I abused all my substances quite proficiently..i also became a whiz in the area of weights and measures) these bikes have been the life preserver I needed. I no doubt dirt bikes saved my life at one point. It all started with a 1970 QA50, instantly hooked. Got the first "big bike" feel on a 1972 CL100, both Hondas. First 2 stroke was another Honda, a 1976 MT125...had a pause for a few years, thru high school then a childhood friend bought a 1987 KDX200 (i believe thats a Kawasaki) Rode it up and down the street and needed one, but had to settle for a 1986 IT200..kdx's were sold out. Got my act together and discovered a new passion, but it still wasnt enough, I needed an mx'er so i bought one. A 1989 CR250 that i trained for. I lifted weights, swam, rode mountain bikes, ice skated, you name it. When i wore it out I jumped on a 1992 CR250, followed shortly by brief stint on a 1993 YZ250. Thinks got tricky after that, a story that belongs somewhere else, but the party ended, not in rockstar fashion thank God, no dramatic end, not a nite that ended in tragedy or arrest, it just went away..I eventually looked at the clock and its 48 yrs old, the 2t kx500 was long gone, there were these weird looking motors on 450's now, my idea of training is no cheese sauce with my fries and suddenly i wanna ride again. The rest will be history, hopefully beginning with a healthy 2017 for everyone here


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this weekend this old bike carried me on a friend's dual sport ride n camp. we had three klr650's, one dr650, one drz400 and a super tenere. the highest speed recorded (gps!) was 119kmh, with average moving speeds around 85kph. the best part was not switching to reserve until 90km, which means i averaged 30mpg ! ya i switched from metric to imperial for the fuel economy , just so more people could get a handle on how good it was. i was surprised how smooth it ran down the highway at 65mph, but my toes feel asleep. pictures and video from the 240km ride... =376MtHlp-J0


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Story i was thinking of an idea...mabe you can post your thoughts..but since we have had a rash of bikes stolen..can't we put a gps on our bikes..make it a company? make it so if your bike leaves the get a call..too make sure its you? and if it is stolen have a few guys for that situation...because police treat thief like its a bicycle...i will be starting a business i think for this..what are your thoughts? 20 bucks a gps and the fuckers that stole your baby...thoughts?


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So here's the deal. I purchased this thru amazon February 17th. I got it on the 22nd. I didn't get around to installing it till yesterday. I opened up the box. Installed the rings properly and oiled up the wrist pin, top end bearing and piston. I gently tried to slide it into my cylinder when I realized it was too big. I didn't try to jam it in there. The piston is not dammaged as you can see in the pictures. I also noticed the gasket set is for a H series kdx 200, which I did not open. I confirmed on here that it is 1mm OVERSIZED from a stock kdx 200 e series or h series piston. I already talked to the seller and I admitted to him honestly that I tried to install it and it did not fit. He was a nice enough guy and explained to me that he just can't accept it back because no one will buy a piston that someone already lubed up and tried to install. I tried to argue with Amazon because it was their part fitment checker that confirmed to me that it would fit my kdx. I didn't read the details. I searched "94 kdx 200 wiseco piston" saw this said "will fit your 1994 kdx 200" and hit buy now. Lesson learned. Amazon said they will review my claim and get back to me in 2 weeks or so. Well I'm not gonna wait 2 weeks and maybe get some of my money back. So I'm offering it to you guys for 30 bucks less than what I bought it for with free shipping. 100$ in my paypal and I'll ship it out anywhere in the us. Ill even sweeten the deal and include a kdx 200 H series manual for 20 bucks more. I put all the parts back in the plastic and back in the box the way it came. IL box it up nice nice for ya. Even comes with the wiseco stickers. Just looking for enough money so I can get the right size piston and ride my bike.


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Ol' girl is all cleaned up with a fresh bath, after doing our very first race ever at the Big Buck GNCC in Union, SC this past weekend. I'm slow and didn't finish all that great (22nd out of 28 in my class), but she didn't miss a beat and kept me going the whole 2 hours and finished. A broken bark buster was the only casualty..... Stupid trees, lol....oops. 17 years old but I still love this bike


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Ok guys, apologies on advance here, it's not a 2t question. We are all big Kawi fans with kids so I thought I could ask.

I just got my kids klx110 fired up so I'm not familiar with the bike. As I roll off the throttle I hear a whining sound. Is this normal, it's all stock. Or is it tight valves. I just set the valves and think there's a chance it might have a new head put on by the PO.



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I have added Phil Gasaway and Mark Bzura as admins. If at any point there a problem in the group you can refer to them or myself to solve it. After today's incident with a member being an asshole, and I was busy as hell at work. I didn't have much time to check what was going on.

We're all adults here. I would expect, at least most of the time people would act that way. Lol. I think this is shaping up to be a great group with members Worldwide. We're all here because we love Kawasaki bikes to share our stories and bike pics and videos. I'm hoping we see more ladies on here who enjoy this sport/hobby as much as the rest of us. Feel free to add yourQ Wives or Girlfriends who ride with you, regardless of what they ride. They are welcome here. And as stated before, if there's ever an issue of rude members please contact an admin and it will be handled promptly.

Thank you all.


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Discovered something:

I'm out exploring/practicing on my '99 KDX 220 and I discovered I can easily shift up and down without applying the clutch. Is this normal for the KDX? Should it be done?

Been dual sporting for 5 years and NEW to straight dirtbikes.


This is a difficult image to look at but I had to post it I did not shoot this... — Kawasaki KDX KX riders Nationwide

This is a difficult image to look at but I had to post it. I did not shoot this coyote...I tracked it while riding my bike to where he fell and died. We loose cats and small dogs a lot to the packs of coyotes around here but, hunters, please check your scope zeros and your aim. ....this coyote had been gut shot and ran such a long distance lingering in pain before he staggered round n round and fell....dying in agony. ...his tracks along the road told the story of his painful demise. Every animal deserves a quick death if you are gonna pull the trigger. I eased him off the road and into the golden grass under a small tree atop that mountain and quietly left.'s to respecting all of God's creatures.


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I just bought a nice new dirt bike this weekend and while riding yesterday it got me thinking of my first bike. That first motorcycle changed my life and got me started into riding. The right bike at the right time can change ones life and cause one to pursue a life of riding. ...and was I lucky enough to get that bike?!!? Boy oh...I did and I rode that lil' dirt bike everywhere growing up and I'm sure that the freedom and adventure given to me thru that bike by my Mom and Dad buying it for me surely changed my life as well as my outlook on life. So...ya know that I love telling stories so let's sit down, rewind a few decades and go motorcycling with lil' Ron.

It was the summer of 1985 and all things were Madonna, Ronald Reagan, no more 7th grade, my Dad's big red Dodge truck, and me still being young enough to not be worrying about girls. ...those were the days. I was 13yrs old and had always wanted a motorcycle but for almost a year I'd been doing a full court press on Mom and Dad and had been begging, pleading, and dropping hints just like Ralphie on the great movie A Christmas Story. ...I suppose this is my Lil' Red Rider BB gun story. I'd even resorted to vandalism by writing in spray paint on my dad's buildings and tool sheds "I WANT A MOTORCYCLE!!!". I shoulda got an ass whooping!!!! ...everywhere you looked was spray painted "I WANT A MOTORCYCLE!!!" But Mom and Dad were awesome and I had a great childhood so they finally felt that I was ready for a bike and off we went looking. We stopped at the local Suzuki shop and they had nothing my size. I remember stopping there once when I was 5 or 6yrs old and looking up in amazement at this huge dirt bike that I wondered who in the world was tall enough to ride it. I swear the footpeg seemed like it was as tall as my chin!!! Up to my chin!!!! The wheels and tires were gigantic!!! It just gave me a sense of wonderment of how one could go anywhere on a motorcycle. ....just one of those childhood memories. Anywho...on we went. We stopped at the local Yamaha shop and again no luck. ...all the bikes there were too big as well. With my young age and size and inexperience I was in need of an 80~100cc bike. No bike was bought on that weekend so I had to wait til the following weekend as my dad worked all week in the coal mines. ...bless his heart, he worked long and hard and still found time to raise a huge garden and would come home from a long day of working, covered in coal dust, and would clean up and then he and Mom would go off to work in the garden until late in the evening. They'd get me to work sometimes in the garden picking up rocks or planting potatoes or picking weeds with them but more often than not I'd slip off with my dog Prince on some adventure in the hills around the house. ...I did say that I needed an ass whooping didn't I??? The following weekend we saw a used bike being sold at an intersection and I was dead set on it. looked like a YZ85 or something similar. Dad said we'd stop on the way back from grocery shopping in town. I complained that it might get sold before we got back. "Relax." Dad said. Ha!! Relax???? How can one relax???? Y'all know a little boy can't relax when the bike of his dreams is being sold alongside the road!!! ...I didn't even know what kind of dirt bike it was then but I was sure that it was that very dream bike. So, on the back way home we approached the little intersection and with anticipation boiling over I stretched and strained looking over the front seats for my soon-to-be ride was gone. ...heartbreak. Simple heartbreak.... The world was over. That was the only bike for sell in the world it seemed to this poor defeated (and spoiled) kid riding in the backseat. I whined and pouted all the way home. ...did I say that I needed an ass whooping??!? The next week dragged along and poor Lil' Ron was still not riding. All his friends were out riding and there I was stuck. I'd hear the braaaap braaaap braaaap of a distant bike blazing up the little road that we lived on and I'd rush out to see it. Smoke pouring outta the exhaust pipe and it's whine getting closer. And there passing me would be one or more of my school buddies off on some big adventure. ...I just knew it!!! Where were they going???!!? What mountains were they climbing???!!? life sucked.... I looked at my bicycle in disgust. ...peddling had lost its thing about a year ago for me. You can only ride a bicycle so long making vrooom vrooom braaap noises pretending you're twisting the throttle before depression sets in. Sigh.... Oh...I fantasized about double jumps and never-ending wheelies and races across Baja and multi day adventure rides all that week. Actually all that previous school year I'd been in a daze about dirt bikes. Hey...I'm an only child and developed a good imagination. So anywho, the weekend finally came and Dad, Mom, and I loaded up in the truck and off we went to the little town of Grundy Virginia, about 25min from home to the Honda shop there. And there they were!!! All those bikes lined up side by side in those amazingly beautiful mid-80's color schemes consisting of sky blue seats and dark blaze orange plastic fenders and gas tanks with sun yellow number and side plates. Oooohhhh....those color schemes will forever be my favorite of any bike. Even to this day I'd take that color if only the current manufactures would listen to my pleas and bring back those designs. ...perhaps I should spray paint that request on their buildings???? Anywho...what was I saying? Oh yeah...bikes lined up for miles!!! Miles I tell ya!!! Hey, I was in a bike shop and I was little and excited and there were about a dozen bikes lined up...y'all bikers know the feeling. Bikes for miles!!! CR's and XR's everywhere and across from them was the cool Honda Odyssey's that looked awesome...this was before ATV's became big and hit the scene. ...but my mind was razor focused on a bike. And then I saw her... Tucked into that long line of bikes....there she was. A pretty little XR100R. Oh, to me it was the perfect size. And the best bike ever...I just knew it!!! Now, I didn't know anything about bikes at that time. Nothing!! I didn't know about four strokes vs two strokes...all I knew was that bikes looked fun and that I had to have one. The little XR was sandwiched between a CR125 which looked huge and an XR80R. Luckily we got the 100...the 80 would've been too small for me engine wise. It had the same frame and all but I would've been hard on those 80cc's and the 100 was perfect for me as my first bike. We got home and unloaded the bike and my apprenticeship as an Evil Knieval wannabe began. But was my dad who became the first one to ride a wheelie on that bike. He was showing me how the clutch and throttle and all the controls worked and he decided to ride it around the yard. Welp, when he pulled out he popped the clutch too fast while giving it gas and up the bikes front wheel came as he took off speeding across the yard. It was priceless!!!! I don't know what was louder...the roar of the bike or the roar of my dad yelling profanities as he raced across the front yard and going right thru his prized cherry tree. Mom and I were both standing there in amazement, eyes wide and mouths hanging open wider. I remember Mom putting her hand up to her mouth and lowly saying "Oh my God"....I swear she reminds me exactly of Ralphie's own mother from A Christmas Story just as Dad reminds me of his father!!! Somehow Dad wrestled my big mean bike and slowed it down. He pulled up to us, his brow heavily soaked in perspiration along with little red marks and whelps all across his face and arms from being smacked by all the tree limbs, his demeanor humbled a bit as he had before towered over my little bike and remarked that it was he respected my new mean machine. After seeing my dad thumped by my bike I knew I'd picked the right bike and thought it was a beast. That summer I learned to respect it as well and to respect motorcycling. I had lots of little wrecks on it as well as two big ones that tore skin off my knees and initiation into the world of motorcycling I suppose. But I learned the lesson of watching where you're going, don't look around to smile at your buddy, to beware of dogs running out in front of you....all the typical hazards to riders. I rode that bike everywhere that year. I discovered old dirt roads around lakes and rivers seldom traveled by anyone anymore. During the summer I was gone from the time I woke up until almost bedtime. ...daylight to dark was riding time!!! When school began in late August I developed a rhythm. I'd arrive home at 3:50pm, Mom would have me a sandwich fixed that I'd just about swallow whole, I'd throw on some old clothes, and off I'd be before 4:30pm...arriving home just at dark as my bike had no headlight. One of my favorite things to do was to put on my back pack which held a small collapsable fishing pole and bait in it and I'd ride off thru the mountains to a secluded fishing hole around the lake where I'd catch tons of bluegill. I'd then keep them on a stringer and as it got close to dark I'd load up my catch in my backpack and race off to several ponds up in the mountains near home where I would stock them with the fish I'd caught. Then I'd race the darkness home....sometimes pulling in just after dark and Mom and Dad would be worried about me and tell me, "Ronald get home before dark next time or there won't be another next time!!! Clear?!??" ...but it seemed that there always was a next time and Mom and Dad saw how much I loved to ride and they never did take away my privilege to ride. I can't thank either one of them enough for giving me that first bike and thus giving me the joy of riding and installing in me that sense of freedom and adventure. Thank you Mom and Dad. :')


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Another great ride today on my 2005 KDX200. Rode my 2009 KLX450R yesterday and after today's ride on the KDX I know what I do and do not like and have decided to sell the 450. It's a great bike as well but I just love the lightweight and nimble handling of that KDX. It's just an awesome joy to ride!!! I'm gonna save up and try to buy a late model KTM 300XC-W sometime in the near future. ..that looks like a great bike and a good mix of power and lightweight nimbleness too. But I'm always gonna keep that great lil' KDX.


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1991 KX500 for sale. New top end with less that 3 hours on it. New rear subframe, cleaned and painted (old one had typical cracks). New air cleaner. New radiators. New green silicone hoses. New clutch lever. New upgraded '00 and newer kicker. New Technosel seat cover. Your choice of stock or desert tank. Devol radiator guards. Dynoport exhaust with FMF silencer. No trades- selling to buy a lifted diesel Excursion.

1991 Kawasaki KX500

$2,000 - Hampstead, MD (21074)

1991 KX500 for sale. New top end with less that 3 hours on it. New rear subframe, cleaned and painted (old one had typical cracks). New air cleaner. New radiators. New green silicone hoses. New clutch lever. New upgraded '00 and newer kicker. New Technosel seat cover. Your choice of stock or desert tank. Devol radiator guards. Dynoport exhaust with FMF silencer. No trades- selling to buy a lifted diesel Excursion.


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Welp fella's...I made the typical mistake of getting too much power and want to share the story with y'all. gentle with me cause we've all made mistakes and we all just like to ride big bikes. Ha!!!

I juuust bought this 2009 KLX450R this weekend and it's a beast for sure and while it was a great deal it's just too much bike for me I believe...power as well as weight. I'm 45yrs old and been riding bikes for 32yrs. I'm 6ft and weigh 175lbs. I own a 2005 KDX200 which I absolutely love because of its nimbleness and quickness and will never sell it. I've been wanting a new bike and wanting to go back to four strokes and came across this KLX for $3000. It is super clean and has loooow miles, great aftermarket goodies on it like a header and exhaust pipe, great jetting, air filter, carbon fiber skid plate, hand guards, oversize foot pegs, and best of all its tagged and street legal and came with a Baja Designs dual sport bolt-on kit. ...I just couldn't pass it up. My buddy Paul and I test rode it and were surprised at its ease of starting with its electric start and test rode it back and forth on a nearby backroad. With cash in hand I snagged it up and returned home. I just took it for a 20mi ride off-road and put it thru its paces (or should I say that it put me thru my paces...ha!). I traveled beside a highway for a few miles to get off-road and I had the bike traveling easily at 80mph with plenty of throttle to spare. Then I discovered that it'll put-put along a flat road at 6mph without giving it any gas. It really handles tight technical trails well and is difficult to stall. The clutch felt great and shifting is smooth on the bike and 1st gear is great for crawling around. The brakes stopped the bike easily and quickly. The suspension for my weight and pace of riding was perfect and soaked up everything. Now, this is my first 450 and I was amazed at the low end grunt as well as the snap the bike had when gassing it. Whether in the correct gear or lugging the bike in a higher one, upon gassing it the bike leapt out and away like a cannonball pulling my arms hard. One definitely has to be careful when getting on the throttle of one of these 450's for sure. And I suppose that's what I didn't like about it. I had to stay more aware of my throttle when riding this bike. Everybody likes power and torque and horsepower and all those good things but I've learned something in my old age and owning that little KDX200. It's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than try to ride a fast bike slow. I never thought I'd say that cause sure...I love to go fast. But that 450 is scary quick and one could get into trouble fast. One mistake in blipping the throttle at the wrong time could send ones ass flying. Ha!!! And I've discovered that I like lightweight bikes too. There's nothing like little nimble two-strokes. My KDX weighs a scant 220lbs whereas this KLX weighs 277lbs. and that's a noticeable difference. I'm not putting this bike or 450's down at all. It's an amazing bike. It'll do everything you ask it too. Wide open top speeds across hard pack roads to 1st gear slow trail really did well and I'm pleased with the bike. It's just that I felt more exhausted after riding it than I do after riding my KDX200. I had to be more careful about my throttle usage on the big 450 and I did notice it's weight while riding. Have y'all ran into the same situations? I'd love to hear some similar stories. I'm gonna ride it some more and try to get used to its power and weight. If I discover that I'm just not enjoying my rides on it enough I'm gonna sell it and save up to get a 2009 or later KTM 200/250/300 XC-W two stroke. ...would love to hear some stories about those bikes and similar ones as well as stories about anyone who had to step down from the 450's to go to smaller bikes. And it'd also be interesting to read some stories about those who learned to handle the bigger powered bikes. I know there's tons of better riders than me who can handle those powerful bikes. It's all about riding and having fun and once we guys learn to check our egos at the door and give up on bikes that are too big or powerful for us we then discover those little gems of bikes that make us smile and have a blast on. I'll keep y'all updated on how I'm doing on this beastly thing. Yay..go me. Be safe out there on the tracks and trails!!!!!! Ron — at Appalachian Mountains.


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My 1980 kdx 250. Purchased as a project. I have many hours into this resto mod, and a couple hundred pics of the process. Im not really interested in selling, but I wouldnt mind trading for one a few years newer(late 80's early 90's would be cool)

List of mods: 1986 motor w kips powervalve; aluminum side plates, skid plate, front # plate and rear mud guard; 3" cut out of seat for more comfort and a more modern look; powdercoating; simplified wiring harness (killswitch, brain and coil only)

Bike runs amazing, handles surprisingly great, and is a blast to ride. (And catches alot of attn)


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2005 Kawasaki KDX 200 with an estimated 60 hours run time. Never raced, engine never entered. Professionally jetted for upstate SC altitude and climate. No dents, no bends, never spilled at speed. Extra fenders, jets, brake pads, pipe, spark arrestor etc. This is a great bike, reputed to be the best woods bike ever engineered. Absolutely zero issues ever. The trailer tilts so the bike can be driven on for one person loading, no steep ramp. It tracks great, has a spare tire and the wheels are full sized, not typical trailer tires. I have towed it at 85 MPH, bearings are cool to the touch. Custom tie downs come with the bike. The trailer comes with an adapter that will allow carrying a lawn tractor. A full price deal includes a trailer hitch carrier also.


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Having a conversation that made me think of this post.. We ride the trails. If you run into someone riding a horse, walking a dog, or cycling , or simply walking...slow down, give a wave, or nod. Don't rip past them or rev your bike..Lets all show some respect too others on the path...and they intern will respect you...p.s. before ripping always scout your trail, traps have been set and wires ,nails, holes...just anything...please be safe in your riding, spring is almost here...Let us be at our best...Thank you and Thank you all for being part of us..