kawasaki green

kawasaki green

  • That's a praying mantis...

  • atom ant ?

  • My all-time favourite superhero. The sticker is on my W's tank, my two other bikes and my helmets. :v

  • So far I had a lot of respect for you Azlan. :p

  • Just for you, I snapped this photo of Atom Ant on my helmet. I'm out with the W now having tea with some friends.

    "Up and at 'em, Atom Ant!!!" (you have to do the voice for optimum effect)... :P

  • Errr.... Sure, the voice... Of course... Got it..

  • Uh huhhh...

  • Anything in the tea?

  • Ants (came with the sugar)...

  • Atomic Tea ! :-D