Kawasaki Er6f


Kawasaki Er6f, Green. Late 2008 model on a 09 plate, 26,600 miles. This will go up slightly with the weather being nice.

Had new battery this morning as old one had died(was the orig one) New bridgestones about 2000 miles ago, so loads of life left in them.

There are three small chips of paint on tank and a couple of small surface scratches on one side of fairing. Plus the usual paint wear from where boots rub on footpeg hangers. I had intended to take these off and repaint them soon, but have fallen in love with a new bike !! Also the mirror plastics have been scratched, from where i keep the bike against a wall, again, somerthing i was going to sort. Replacements on ebay are around £25

It has a great Beowulf exhaust on. Sounds awesome and has opened up the mid range. I am currently running without the baffles, which makes people look, not a bad thing!! I also have the original exhaust. If you dont want the beowulf, could work out a price.

It doesnt have a lot of service history, as previous owner and then myself have done all the servicing. I've owned for 18months and have done three oil changes, as i am keen to look after my engines.

As you prob know, these are great first big bikes or a great bike if you want some fun. This was my first big bike and it has taught me a huge amount about riding! Loads of engine braking and surprisingly quick for a 2 cylinder 650. Chain and sprockets have loads of life left. MOT until early december. New tax laws mean you will have to tax it yaself!!! Robbing gits!!

Test rides only with cash in my hand and evidence of insurance.

£2500 or sensible offers.

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  • Now on eBay and reduced to £2200 !!

    Grab a bargain, now the sun is out