Changed my spark plugs today Every time I take the tank off I m reminded of... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

Changed my spark plugs today. Every time I take the tank off I'm reminded of what a sadistic bloke the designer was. Twist your fuel pump 180 degrees to get it out, although the pipe to the carbon will still piss fuel every where. Spark plugs have coolant pipes over them, so you can't get a socket wrench in, and the actual plug wrench in the tool kit goes in with about 50mm clearance. And they're set in an inaccessible recess designed it would seem only to collect dirt to fall in the engine. Don't even get me started on oil filters. Does anyone know who designed it?

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    Photos from Sergio Boccassini's post — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

    hi guys, I have a problem. I saw that the coolant under the seat is finished. I had the same problem the last year when I bought the bike, but I thought that the last owner didn't put it. I've examined the pipe in the first picture because I know that he creates leak problems but the pipe is dry and also the spark plugs are perfectly dry and clean... I wanted to change them but they are like new.

    Instead I found a green liquid where I show in the second picture.

    I just changed the oil and I found just 3.1 lt. or 3.2 lt. of oil (the mechanic told me that he put about 4lt. ), so there aren't infiltrations in it.

    I have put just 3lt. and the indicator is about at its max o.O

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      Years back in the 90 s when i did my test you first passed your test on a 125cc... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

      Years back in the 90's when i did my test you first passed your test on a 125cc with 12 bhp then had a 250/350 stroker or similar, then a 500cc/600cc then a 900cc or what ever and so on and so forth. These days they pass on an er5 or similar then want to buy something bigger for their first bike!! Its never quite made sense to me or is that Just me?

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        Hi I need some help from you — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

        Hi, I need some help from you

        I brought my 55 plate ER-5 in December last year. It had 33000 miles on the clock and had been SORN for the last 3 years. The garage MOTed and serviced it before I picked it up.

        I just done a 100 mile run on it a found the right footpeg vibrated so badly that my foot was numb. The left had no vibration at all. The rear tyre had been changed and re-balanced about 50 miles previously.

        Also, my speedo seams wildly out as it recorded the 100 miles as over 150!. Does that mean 70mph is really only 40-50? And my total miles is not 35000 as it states?

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          This was my response earlier this evening to a comment they the ER5 is little... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

          This was my response earlier this evening to a comment they the ER5 is little more than a commuter bike.

          "I don't agree that the ER5 is not much more than a commuter bike. This is why. In 1976 I had a new air-cooled Yamaha RD350. Regarded then as the dog's bollocks, great acceleration and also much kudos. You were a real cool cat and a biker's biker if you had one. This was definitely not a commuter bike. Move on to 2017, if you now have one of these RD350s they are looked on through rose tinted spectacles. You are still regarded as a cool cat, the bike is considered rapid.

          Now reality, the RD topped out at 105 mph, and was very unreliable.

          My ER5 is untampered with yet accelerates better than the RD, has a higher top end, does 65mpg and has never broken down.

          The difference today is that there are much faster bikes out there and the ER5 is compared to these, how many people can actually use the performance they provide is debatable, it's more to do with image.

          A commuter bike to me is a modern 125, or like my first bike a Suzuki B120 which I still have."

          What does the group think?

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            My 2003 ER5 was bought 10 months old and was the shop s demonstrator — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

            My 2003 ER5 was bought 10 months old and was the shop's demonstrator.

            I don't use it in the winter when the salt is down.

            It still has the original exhaust which is perfect, also the original battery which gets the occasional trickle charge on the optimate through the winter.

            I have done 25,000 miles so far completely without incident. Serviced every year at BAZ Bikes Treorchy.

            I have 5 other bikes all on the road, but they are between 32 and 40 years old so I still think of the ER5 as my 'new' bike.

            The original chain and sprockets were changed last autumn at 25,000 miles after a trip through Belgium and France.

            The bike still rides like a new machine, is smooth, responsive and frugal on petrol.

            Has anyone else had this sort of longevity on exhaust, battery and sprockets?

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              One problem solved another one crops up — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

              One problem solved another one crops up...

              On my er5, when I've been riding for a long period of time, when I come to a stand still there is a pop noise that com3s from around my right HT lead and white smoke floods from under my tank, I have absolutely no idea what may be the reason for this but all I know is that the smoke smells like something is burning, like a plastic/oily smell, any ideas or help would be very much appreciated :)

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                Help please I bought an ER5 just over a week ago and bedsides a few cosmetic... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                Help please! I bought an ER5 just over a week ago and bedsides a few cosmetic issues am very pleased. Yesterday I brought her out for a check over and noticed that when on the centre stand, the oil level in the sight glass seemed alarmingly low! The owner seemed genuine and had recently serviced the bike and there so not seem to be any oil leaks. I didn't have an owners manual with the bike, so don't know if I missing something or doing something wrong, or is the level just low??

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                  My er5 ive been doing up but now lost interest due to the carb fuel tap... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                  My er5 ive been doing up but now lost interest due to the carb/fuel tap flooding drama so today been out and brought a resdy to go winter hack ,frame has been painted, tidy little bike had an mot when i started doing it up last xmas,but now run out . probs just needs the carbs cleaning but cant be bothered!!!im in kent the guy im buying my new bike off had offered to take this non running but if anyone wants it make me sensible offer,battery has always been trickle charged 23 k ,viper exhaust system good tyres all electrics work just needs tge carb sorting and mot regards mark

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                    Crazy er5 Went to start bike today after a week off At first it started but... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                    Crazy er5! Went to start bike today after a week off. At first it started but wouldn't idle even with choke out. Then I noticed fuel pouring out. Found a pipe on the RIGHT near the 3 run off pipes had come off its nozzle. It also looks like it is just an overflow? This was behind a white block connector (main wiring fuse?). Anyhow after that, bike was def struggling to fire up and when it did take, it was deffo only firing on 1 cylinder. What is the pipe and whats with this crazy bike? Ps. Fuel tap is as always, in the on position.

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                      1999 ER-5 — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                      1999 ER-5. Needs a new engine, indicators, front brake lever, mirrors.

                      Was in a low speed accident a while ago and still rode fine after that!

                      Currently sitting in my garage in pieces as the camshaft and conrod have been worn down and have excessive play! Do have a video to show wear. Just want rid as this was brought as a temporary bike but now have my Ninja 250r back. Looking for £150. Collection only. Need a van to collect parts as well! Will upload pictures later when I move it around. No Tax but MOT runs out in March 2017!

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                        After some advice please Started tidying up an er5 last Xmas because of work... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                        After some advice please! Started tidying up an er5 last Xmas because of work and other stuff going on this year only just got round to finishing,

                        Ok firstly I have put in new fuel !

                        Bike starts and runs fine fine for around ten minutes then when it gets hot if you were sitting on the bike it drops the right cylinder.

                        I opened up the air box and noticed fuel laying in there so removed drain plug,also I took the oil filler cap of and smells of petrol .

                        I left it for a while to cool down then started her up no problems and again running on both cylinders

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                          Norbert Turda shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Er5 Uk. — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                          Hello folks!

                          I just found this super cheap topcase set, and I was wondering this could be compatible with this Givi 432F rack?

                          I have a '97 A model.

                          What dou you think?

                 Kawasaki-ER-5-Twister-ER500A-A-1997-2000-/36178055 6506?hash=item543bcd32da:g:IngAAOSwB09YCME8&vxp=mt r


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                            Photos from Sergio Boccassini's post — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                            Hi guys. I've stored my bike for the winter season as I explain in another post. After one month I found a leak. I thought that was an oil's leak, but it isn't. It is a leak from the fuel tap!

                            I've left the fuel tap in PRI position for the whole month. I put the tap in ON position first, then I opend the airbox and it's Clean and dry...fortunately!!

                            what do you suggest?

                            in the photo the tap is still a bit wet after cleaning it.

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                              Hey all So I have started modding the ER 5 and its got a nice streetfighter... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                              Hey all, So I have started modding the ER-5 and its got a nice streetfighter look at the moment, but I am looking to smie modernise an older bike. has anyone ever fitted a digital speedo to an 1998 ER-5 and wou;d a steering damper really help... I am getting conflicted information. I ride on a mix between smooth and rough surfaces.

                              LED indicators now installed... pics to follow

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                                OK so I was thinking of getting rid of my large Harley esque screen as it... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                OK, so I was thinking of getting rid of my large Harley-esque screen as it looked shit on the bike anyway. So tonight the decision was made for me by a Fiat punko. All traffic stopped at lights on a 40mph multi lane race track, I was 1st behind the punko. Lights changed, he went, I went, he emergency stopped 2 metres later to avoid entering a box junction, I couldn't ...his rear left tail light smashed my large ugly Perspex windscreen in half. No injuries, just a roll on tarmac. So the screen has been binned and now my question ...the puig (or small deflector screens) that are available, do they add anything other than looks? If so, recommendations please..Oh , and decent result I think. He stopped and didn't bother with insurance details and said not to worry, he'll fix his own light...

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                                  I m starting to grow weary of my ever problematic bike — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                  I'm starting to grow weary of my ever problematic bike...

                                  After addressing the idling issue, I took the bike out to stretch her legs a little with some dual carriage way straight & flats. All was going well, until about 15-20 minutes into the ride, she lost all her "poke". Engine still ticking over & sounding normal (the odd pop once in about 5 minutes). Acceleration was terrible, and she could barely maintain 60mph at full throttle...

                                  Any one seen this before, before I take her to pieces... Again.

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                                    Evening all Strange experience on the way home tonight set off ok then half... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                    Evening all. Strange experience on the way home tonight, set off ok, then half way home started to loose power, like it had no guts, felt like a coil might be breaking down under load or one if the carbs was blocked ticked over fine. Couple of miles from home it cleared and came home fine. Any er5 specific things it could be?

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                                      Hello fellow er 5 owners This is my first motorcycle the kawasaki er 500A... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                      Hello,fellow er 5 owners. This is my first motorcycle: the kawasaki er 500A, 1999, and I'm it's (his :)) last owner, because there's no way I'm going to sell my friend to anyone. Planning on making him in to a cafe-racer next year, but first, this winter I'm going to work with the exhaust pipe to make him sound more seriously. Would be glad to hear some thoughts and also will try to help everyone with questions (if I'll be able to :)


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                                        Photos from Joseph Bell's post — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                        My bike lost all electrical power yesterday and my immediate thoughts were battery and regulator/rectifier.

                                        I've replaced the battery but realised it was not charging so I investigated .

                                        Found the connector from the alternator/stator melted and wires broken.

                                        My regulator is a modded one from the er5 forum online (oracle ). And has 2 sets of leads, 1 is a 2 wire to the main loom and the other is 3 yellows to the stator.

                                        My question is can any of the yellow wires go to any other yellow connector.

                                        Please see photos.


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                                          Hi all Looking to start servicing my bike completely in the next few days... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                          Hi all. Looking to start servicing my bike completely in the next few days/weeks...Starting to think about a coolant change. Can I do it without removing the tank? As in just drain, top up both rad and header tank, start bike to heating temp, and then just top up the header tank? Anyone flush with water as well before putting coolant in? Not done this before so need pointers. Cheers

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                                            Technical help needed — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                            Technical help needed.

                                            Long story short. Had the bike taken to the garage with engine starting problems. They did half a job. Starts and runs. However. Sticky throttle and lots of play on the accelerator. Thought I could manage myself (I'm new to bikes and not mechanically minded...). Sorted the sticky throttle. Sorted the play. But then idled exceptionally highly.

                                            Now, my issue. Thought I'd fiddle with with the throttle idle screw. Only to find that after a few turns, it has actually come out of the housing (not the black plastic knob, the actual metal screw on the other end). It's proving impossible to get back in.

                                            I was £500 lighter on my £1000 bike after my trip to the garage, so can't afford that route again just yet.

                                            It runs. It rides. I just don't enjoy pulling next to a police car revving at 4-5000 RPM...

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                                              He guys I m new here so sorry if I m breaking any rules I recently picked up a... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                              He guys I'm new here so sorry if I'm breaking any rules. I recently picked up a '97er5 and I love it to bits. As far as I know it's all stock apart from the exhaust and carbs (from a gpz) it's always ran a bit... Weird. Really boggy at low revs like its running on one cylinder then it hits about 5k and takes off. But he other night it stopped doing that, it's like the 2nd isn't coming in at all now and today sh won't even start. I'm not very technicalbut I'm so seeing if anone has eperienced this before? I love the bike to bits and really don't want it to be dying on me.

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                                                Hi All — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                Hi All

                                                After reading about this i decided to go and test large on my ER500 C1 and with the engine off it is as 13.5 volts but when it is switched on at high revs it reaches 17 volts what should it be at on high revs advice please I know it migh need a new rectifier.

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                                                  Photos from Andrew Earnshaw's post — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                  Bikes been delivered today. Bought from a salvage yard as a cat c. Its done 17k miles. Attempted theft by kids. Bent the bars doing the steering lock. Lock pin casting has shattered but frame looks ok. Needs l/h switchgear too. So, looking for a cheap set of bars, l/h switchgear and an ignition lock. Do you know if you can swap the barrels on the locks easy enough?

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                                                    Hi guys needing some advice please whilst I drive my beloved bike at between... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                    Hi guys needing some advice please... whilst I drive my beloved bike at between 15-25 mph I feel like I'm riding a bucking bronco and she rides very lumpy, and feels like she needs opening up! She hates slow riding and crawling along in traffic. I have had the carbs balanced once already recently, and also had in in line fuel filter fitted...has anyone experienced the same or have any tips for me. I know she's not right as my fiancé has the same bike but an older version and his rides much better than mine!

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                                                      Hi all im new to this group — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                      Hi all im new to this group.

                                                      I heard you can replace the floating caliper fixed disc of the 99 er 5 front end with a similar model that runs floating disc fixed caliper.

                                                      Apparently this greatly improves the braking of the front end.

                                                      Is this correct?

                                                      And what model front end is used in replacement?

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                                                        Hi — Kawasaki Er5 Uk


                                                        Quick question...

                                                        My front brake stopping power is not what it used to be. I've check pads which still have meat on them. I've checked the caliper which is freely moving. I've renewed the brake fluid.

                                                        What else can I do to restore its stopping power?


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                                                          The Kawasaki ER 5 is a naked commuter motorcycle produced in Japan by Kawasaki — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                          The Kawasaki ER-5 is a naked commuter motorcycle produced in Japan by Kawasaki. The bike is powered by a liquid cooled four-stroke DOHC 498 cc engine based on the design used in the GPZ500. It can be restricted to 25 kW (34 hp), the maximum power motorcycle allowed by certain licences in Europe.

                                                          Can anyone tell me how they used to restricte the power in this bikes?

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                                                            Photos from Mattias Ekström's post — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                            Better late than never! Upgraded my bike at the start of the summer and was meant to show how it turned out.

                                                            Got new rear suspension which looks and feels great! Lowered the bike about 15-20 mm though, felt it first ride after replacing them, since then I haven't thought of it. So really happy with them :-)

                                                            I also installed a full Delkevic stainless steel exhaust system with a round 200 mm silencer. A little heads up if you're considering getting one, fitting it was not just straight forward. The headers wouldn't fit due to the lower mountings of the radiator being in the way. So i had to do a few 'adjustments'. But let me tell you, when finallly mounted, sweet jesus the sound is AMAZING!! The response when revving is really nice and quick, accelerating up to 6-7k rpm through all the gears makes it scream lovely and crusing in the city makes people turn their heads around! I love it!! :-D

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                                                              I been in this group for quite a while and having seen some of the problems... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                              I been in this group for quite a while and having seen some of the problems that people have I count myself lucky.

                                                              I have had my bike for 5 years when I first got it I had to replace the battery as it was knackered since then just wear and Tare this as listed.

                                                              1 Throttle Cable

                                                              2 Clutch Cables

                                                              1 Seat as cover was knackered I now cover my own seats.

                                                              2 Sets of Front Disc Pads

                                                              2 Sets of Rear Break Shoes

                                                              1 Front Tyre

                                                              1 Rear Tyre

                                                              1 Set of Chain & Sprockets

                                                              1 New Exaust

                                                              Have done Oil Changes 3 Times and replaced Air Filter when I first got her.

                                                              I have never had her serviced as yet as she starts first time every time.

                                                              Same Spark Plugs.

                                                              Very pleased with that some cosmetic stuff I still want to do.

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                                                                Photos from Matthew Rowe's post — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                                Well just a quick review of touring my ER from Liverpool to Apple cross [Scotland] and back 1027 miles in 4 days .

                                                                Ride =great, averaged 250mls a day and only started to get uncomfortable at 230 ish I'm 6 ft and 14 stone so people think this small bike shouldn't suit me really but does .

                                                                Range= averaged out a 115 miles to reserve every time but was doing well above 40 mph for most of the trip so that's just as expected .

                                                                Reliability = N/A as sod all went wrong .

                                                                Back roads = serious fun and could deal with the dukes pass gravel traps no problem .

                                                                Motorways = good not super bike good but could hold 70 +all the way to Glasgow with 7 stone of luggage chasing a Tiger low .

                                                                All round would do it again no problem

                                                                Gave up big bikes for this gem due to living on lane strewn Anglesey and still am not regretting it one bit !

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                                                                  Right had the beast serviced carbs stripped cleaned balanced it stopped raining... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                                  Right, had the beast serviced, carbs stripped, cleaned, balanced, it stopped raining at mid day, so time for a ride. Pushed her out the garage, shut the gates, opened the choke and hit start, first prod and that twin thrummed into choke assisted life, backed off the choke until she stabilised at 1250 rpm tickover. Waited a minute or so, shut the choke off, checked the mirrors, turn signal to right, clutch in, left foot down, swap feet over so right foot on brake. Open the throttle and release the clutch and she flies...

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                                                                    Paul Steel shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Er5 Uk. — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                                    Does anyone know the difference between the starter relays. One has a 15A fuse and the other 30A.

                                                                    Wemoto charge around £19 for the first and £38 for the other.

                                                                    I've just bought one on ebay id-Kawasaki-ER5-ER500-96-04-/220866632755? and the one that has turned up only has a 15A fuse. Mine has a 30A fuse.?

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                                                                      Photos from Kerry Guy's post — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                                      Hey all, been busy making some more changes Bike deffo feeling more mine now, it's a right mix of old n new lol, latest changes are new exhaust, belly pan, bar end mirrors, black levers and modded seat .. tonight I'm playing with spray paint on the radiator covers while trying to ignore the gunk on the engine casing that needs cleaned before I can attempt to black it out ..any tips on cleaning years of crap off engine cases greatly received :)

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                                                                        The last 2 months with my er5 have been hell I had to replace everything near... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                                        The last 2 months with my er5 have been hell. I had to replace everything near enough, Im flat broke because of it, despite trying really hard lately to set myself up better for the future. I've had enough. Are these normal problems for an er5 or have I got a cursed one?

                                                                        I actually came to ask if anyone had issues with a 'dead short' from the brown and white wire?

                                                                        It runs from the stop switch, fuse box, IC igniter and dash lights.

                                                                        The darn thing cut out 2 streets from my house on Friday just as I went for a pleasure cruise. Ruined my whole weekend and I need the bike for work and now Im stuck at home :) Blew the ignition fuse and I had to push the ba***** home.

                                                                        Its a C4 by the way. Thanks for any help x

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                                                                          Hi all need some help — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                                          Hi all, need some help..

                                                                          My ER-5 has been playing up for the past few months.

                                                                          I take my battery out every time im not using my bike for at least an hour. This is because i used to keep my batteries in, and then they would die.

                                                                          The current battery is working correctly, it has given me no problems so far.

                                                                          But the cold weather seems to be doing something like seizing the starter motor or the spark plugs, idk.. but whenever the machine itself is cold, it wont start until i've used the electric start for a minute-5 minutes on and off (depending on how cold it is. (try it for 2 seconds, give it time to cool down, rinse and repeat))

                                                                          Basically I hear it turning, but it doesn't ignite. i have new spark plugs, new battery, new loom, new ignition and a rebuilt starter motor (in the last few months).

                                                                          What could my problem be?

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                                                                            Hi can anyone help answer a pretty simple question I just need to know which... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                                            Hi, can anyone help answer a pretty simple question. I just need to know which colour wire goes to which pin on the ER5 CDI.

                                                                            For example the green wire connects to pin 1 (as per diagram) but what colour connects to pin 4?

                                                                            With some help I have managed to identify (i think?) some of them already but as you can see in the diagram there are still a few unknowns. And for some reason no workshop manual covers this, they only show where they go to on the bike.

                                                                            If someone can take a look at their connector for me they will be able to tell me which colour goes where.

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                                                                              Hi all has anyone removed the headers downpipes from the ER5 Mine look to be... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                                              Hi all - has anyone removed the headers / downpipes from the ER5? Mine look to be in bad condition and I want to take them off to see if I can clean them up at all.

                                                                              Keeping in mind that I'm not mechanically minded AT ALL, do you think I'd be able to do this? I only have a very basic set of tools. I'm guessing I'll have to remove the radiator first?

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                                                                                Hi guy s have a little problem for the last few days when I ve gone to start my... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                                                Hi guy's have a little problem for the last few days when I've gone to start my bike in the morning and I get a massive bang and it's like the starter has locked so I put it in gear without it running and rock it backwards n forwards then start it and it starts find and dose all day. has anyone else had the same problem before or know how to fix? I've checked the battery and am getting good readings

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                                                                                  Found my front brake calliper was binding on not good so first time for... — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                                                  Found my front brake calliper was binding on not good so first time for everything I stripped it down myself found the seals over the Pistons have perished so for now I have cleaned it all and used Copper Grease to keep it free and moving.

                                                                                  Has anyone ever replaced the seals for the Pistons was it a difficult thing to do and do you have to remove the Pistons to fit them.

                                                                                  Thanks for any advice

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                                                                                    Hallo — Kawasaki Er5 Uk

                                                                                    Hallo! :)

                                                                                    Did any of you ever go on a longer tour on his/her er5! I am actually planning to do so next summer, but I am unsure about the comfort level.

                                                                                    What are your experiences? Should I rather get another bike for longer tours?

                                                                                    Cheers!! :)

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