After a crash happened few days ago there seems to be no oil pressure in the... — Kawasaki ER 5


After a crash (happened few days ago), there seems to be no oil pressure in the engine (the oil pressure light stays on). The engine didn't damaged visibly, actually there are rollbars on each side, and nothing is damage close to the engine, and it starts instantly.

Last year when i was pulling the ER-5 out from the garage, i've stumbled on something, so fallen with the bike, and the oil light stayed on, which is as i heard normal for a half hour because air bubbles or something, but for me that problem existed even after a day, so i've drained the oil, pulled out the pressure switch cleaned and tested it(multimeter, and compressed air), i've put it back, fill back the oil, and everything was ok. So i did the same this time, but the oil light still stays on :(

When the engine runs there is some clapping, clicking noise, which is the most audible/loud from the right side.

What are the problems?

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Photos from Jason Walker's post — Kawasaki ER 5

Nice er500 for sale full rebuilt turned into flat tracker full mot rebuilt the Frame myself so know it's been done right blasted repainted grey, green tank black wheels stainless patina side panels De smogged aluminium expansion bottle to do away with the shitty plastic bottles led rear light renthal bars polished and scotched engine cases slash cut stainless exhaust wrapped headlight brow kn filters runs very well but could do with jetting now it's got pods fitted stainless chainguard one off new shockers 900 ono

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    Hallo Leute — Kawasaki ER 5

    Hallo Leute.

    Meine Frau ist 1.57 m groß und hätte in ihrer Fahrschule heute die erste Fahrstunde gehabt. Da größentechnisch leider keine Maschine der Fahrschule für sie passt, müssen wir nun ein Motorrad für sie kaufen.

    Meine Kawa Er5 hat 49 Ps und somit einen Ps zu viel. (A2 max. 48 Ps erlaubt) Desweiteren ist auch meine Maschine zu groß für sie.

    Die Frage ist nun, ob man für die A2 Prüfung eine Maschine mit 48 Ps fahren "MUSS", oder ob für die praktische Prüfung auch ein Motorrad mit bspw. 46 PS möglich wäre.

    Wir sind nämlich in der Absicht eine Yamaha Virago 535 mit 46 Ps zu kaufen

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      Here s one for you — Kawasaki ER 5

      Here's one for you.

      My bike fire up brilliantly, most of the time.

      Sometimes i push the starter button and i get nothing. Like a dead or non existent battery. It doesnt matter if the kick stand is down or not or if the bike is in neutral etc. That is all fine. When the bike doesn't start, i find the remedy to be to put the bike in 1st gear with the stand up and rock it back and forward whilst pushing the starter. Then the bike fires right up.

      What could be the problem and why is this the remedy?

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        Guten tag — Kawasaki ER 5

        Guten tag,

        Ich benötige mal wieder ein bisschen Hilfe :/

        Ich habe mir ein universal Tacho bestellt soweit alles angeschlossen nur der Drehzahlmesser funktioniert nicht :/

        Auf dem ersten Bild habe ich abgezeichnet welches Kabel ich mit dem Drehzahlmesser verbunden hab(Rot)

        Meine Frage die zwei grünen gehören ja auch noch zu dem Drehzahlmesser muss ich die auch mit verbinden?

        Mein neuer Tacho hat nur ein Kabel das zum Drehzahlmesser gehört :/

        Könnt ihr mir vielleicht weiterhelfen?

        Oder ist die Kawasaki nicht kompatibel dafür? :/

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          Question — Kawasaki ER 5


          Does the ignition circuit ( leads or plug caps ) need any resistance in it?

          I'm renewing my ignition and have a choice of resisted caps or/and leads.

          Which option do I need?


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            Well update on the bike old radiator cap had grainy kind of stuff inside it — Kawasaki ER 5

            Well update on the bike - old radiator cap had grainy kind of stuff inside it.. so cleaned and flushed through deionised water only - it drained through fine, then noticed some fluid in the right spark plug part of the cylinder head... dried it out and filled up slowly.. yup it filled up again :( :( - So have ordered more o rings (couldn't get them locally i did try).. still have the new cap. I drained the system - dried out the sparks section and put her together. I ran her to test battery and new heated grips I fitted too - they work fine bike started first time so that's still good. Now.. I just need some luck that the o rings perhaps moved when the radiator cap blew? if it's more than that then I may need to head for a garage.

            - Any tips on what grease to use in putting O rings in? I used general stuff last time hubby had and want to be sure that's not an issue. Thanks

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              Is it ok if I cry just a little as I say I have another coolant leak I did my... — Kawasaki ER 5

              Is it ok if I cry just a little as I say I have another coolant leak! :( I did my o rings a few months ago.. took bike for 30 mile return journey, coolant all down one side (right) of her..Whipped tank off when I got home and it's not anything like a loose coolant pipe (I was hoping for the easy solution). So... time to start digging around and see what's going on with her.. good thing is.. my taps i fitted to fuel lines to make it easier to take tank off worked a treat.. and I had a good nose at her mid journey with a couple of blokes at the bike shop before I continued home - I bought new heated grips - to replace the tacky ones and my self adjusted back brake felt loads better.

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                At friday something happened i wanted to go out with my ER 5 after 2 weeks of... — Kawasaki ER 5

                At friday something happened: i wanted to go out with my ER-5 after 2 weeks of standing (in 15 celsius temperature), but the engine didn't started like it did usually (max 1 sec pushing starter and it runs). I've pushed the starter so long (with full choke) that the engine reached the idle RPM, but only because of the starter motor, self power was nothing. After about 1 min of starting, the engine started to run, so i've warmed it for few mins, raised the rpm to 6000 and i've released the throttle, but the rpm fal didn't stopped at idle, it stalled :(

                Another 30 seconds of pushing starter button, and the engine worked again, so i've warmed it for another 5 min. Since my suspect was the fuel tap's vacuum valve, as both successful starts happened in "PRI" position, i've cut the ignition, to try to start in all fuel tap positions. But the engine started instantly in all positions.

                I've wait for the next day to let the engine cool down, to try if it really works, or just the starting made it warm enough to start. But the engine started instantly, just like at next day, and it works perfectly like before...

                What happened? Last winter it the engine stood for 1 month, and it started easily, now why not after just 2 weeks? However the bike was covered with some dust from wall demolition, but i've removed the most of it by compressed air.

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                  Hi all am looking to get some bullet connectors for a set of indicators to fit... — Kawasaki ER 5

                  Hi all, am looking to get some bullet connectors for a set of indicators to fit to my ER5. They have male on at the moment and need female to fit to the bike - which is male (the original indicators are female). I wondered if anyone knows the size of the bullet connectors I need to buy? there are varying sizes and the ones I have been able to find locally are too big - so am thinking ebay may be my only option. Thanks,

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                    Hi — Kawasaki ER 5


                    I have a motorcycle usb charger since a year, but i didn't fitted it on my bike. It's manual says that i should just fit on battery contacts. But that's no way, as it has a blue LED that is on if it gets power, so it would drain the battery on winter when i don't ride, also it's just not safe. I rather connect it to some circuit which is on when i turn the key to ON.

                    Is there are good place to connect it? I don't want to cut wires and solder...

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                      Photos from Joseph Bell's post — Kawasaki ER 5

                      My bike lost all electrical power yesterday and my immediate thoughts were battery and regulator/rectifier.

                      I've replaced the battery but realised it was not charging so I investigated .

                      Found the connector from the alternator/stator melted and wires broken.

                      My regulator is a modded one from the er5 forum online (oracle ). And has 2 sets of leads, 1 is a 2 wire to the main loom and the other is 3 yellows to the stator.

                      My question is can any of the yellow wires go to any other yellow connector.

                      Please see photos.


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