Ask lng po ako kasi naiwan ko sa labas ng work place ko ung bike na umuulan mga... — Kawasaki Avenger Forum - LONE WOLVES


Ask lng po ako, kasi naiwan ko sa labas ng work place ko ung bike na umuulan, mga 30-45 mins po na ulan.. nung aalis na ako't pina andar ko na, hirap po magstart, tsaka prang instead na gas ung papasok e hangin po kaya iba ung tunog, prang pumupugak pugak (i dont know f un ang tamang word).. basta parang hangin lng.. kahit nung tumatakbo na ako e may time na ganun po ulit.. ano po ba probs? Last month lng na tune up at change oil at clean air first ang bike ko.. any ideas po? Tanx wolvezzzzz

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They may join UNITED GROUPS of Cruiser Riders in the Philippines This is... — Kawasaki Avenger Forum - LONE WOLVES

They may join "UNITED GROUPS of Cruiser Riders in the Philippines". This is intended for meeting/unity rides/etc of different cruisers group clubs towards common goal: "Unity and Camaraderie". Feel free to add members/officers of different cruiser club/group/team. It doesn't matter that you ride a Harley's/Royal Enfield/Superlight/Kawasaki Avengers....etc, the most important thing is that you know the feel and thrill riding a cruiser bike especially with fellow brothers.

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    HI fellow Lone Wolves riders Anyone prefers to have a UNITY RIDE with Hyena... — Kawasaki Avenger Forum - LONE WOLVES

    HI fellow Lone Wolves riders, Anyone prefers to have a UNITY RIDE with Hyena Cruisers (Superlight 200) and Ronin riders. They also know some rider group with other types of cruisers and cafe racers. Wanna have a friendly discussion with them? Tagging Stoffel Hofer of Ronin group. Rojeremy Bryan Cruz of Hyena Cruizers group.

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      Guys Admins Can we start a thread po Gusto ko lang ma inspire kung ano... — Kawasaki Avenger Forum - LONE WOLVES

      Guys? Admins? Can we start a thread po? Gusto ko lang ma-inspire kung ano magandang mai-dagdag sa Avenger. I know there are a ton of accessories out there, pero I have no clue on what to add.

      I'd like to see your bikes po, para naman makapag-isip ako ng maayos kung ano kukunin ko. :( Okay lang ba po yun?

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        Hingi po sana ako nang advice mga sirs — Kawasaki Avenger Forum - LONE WOLVES

        Hingi po sana ako nang advice mga sirs:

        1. Ano kaya magandang color nang avenger.. undecided pa kasi ako sa color eh...

        2. Plano ko rin magpa install nang givi side box.. Bibilhin ba rin yung bracket or sa machine shop nlang ako magpagawa nang bracket. Saan po ako maka save?

        3. My group na po ba nang lone wolves dito sa Cebu?

        Pasensya na po. Newbie pa po ako..

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          JUST A REMINDER TO ALL PINOY RIDERS — Kawasaki Avenger Forum - LONE WOLVES


          Pinoys love to ride motorcycles. In fact, it is a mode of transportation in many of our localities. However, it can also be a very dangerous ride if safety measures will not be followed.

          There is no excuse for being involved in road accident if you are riding your two-wheel drive unsafe. In using a motorcycle, riders should always be reminded that they should be extra careful because unlike cars, motorcycles do not have covers and airbags that will protect them from the impact of a collision or crash. Even though we are not asking for these tragedies to occur, we cannot neglect that it is a possibility.

          Effects of accidents may be fatal, and in some cases riders get killed. It is a reality we cannot deny, but we can always prevent these instances from happening. The quote “prevention is better than cure” will not be a famous adage for nothing, and it applies very true even in motorcycle riding.

          If you are a motorcyclist who values your life, the feeling of the people who loves you, as well as the safety of others, you have to ensure that you are following the two approaches for a safe motorcycle ride.

          #1. Ride With Care

          Many riders think that keeping their selves protected in their ride is the only way to ensure safety in public roadways. If you are one of the riders who are thinking of the same way, you may be wrong this time. Definitely, keeping yourself protected is one of the solutions, however, there is a primary way that you must always follow at all times. What is it? That is practicing your “duty of care” when you are traversing public roadways.

          #2. Follow Traffic Rules

          Following traffic rules, being concern of others, and being extra careful when you travel will not only benefit you, but other people who are using the road the same as you. There are plenty of motorcyclists who are neglecting their duty because they become overconfident that they are wearing gears. As much as possible, be responsible in riding. By riding right, you are making a very big difference.

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            Photos from Toks Tor's post — Kawasaki Avenger Forum - LONE WOLVES


            Friendship means being there just to be there.

            Friendship means listening and not asking questions.

            Friendship means lending your shoulder for someone to cry on.

            Friendship means being comfortable around each other in silence.

            Friendship means being able to tell each other anything and understanding without questions.

            Friendship means being honest with each other no matter what the cost.

            Friendship means staying up all night and talking about nothing.

            Friendship means being able to say I love you!

            Friendship means forgiving each other no matter what you have done.

            Friendship means learning from each other’s mistakes.

            Join us and you can understand the meaning of Friendship

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              I guess I couldn t afford a bajaj avenger 220 — Kawasaki Avenger Forum - LONE WOLVES

              I guess I couldn't afford a bajaj avenger 220

              The only bajaj I can afford is the bajaj ct150 boxer

              Same look of engine tho

              Its still a bajaj so

              I guess im going to be customizing alot of things to make it look like a cruiser

              Like lowering the suspension to make it low like a cruiser

              Long seat needs to be replaced or cut in half for solo seat and rear passenger seat

              And other stuff,the avenger 220 and the ct150 boxer has similarities like the electric starter and drum brakes

              I guess ill be buying alot of parts to modify and add

              Wish me luck and hope to succeed

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