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Does anyone have these? Wondering if they stick out far enough to prevent any damage if the bike gets dropped

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  • The problems with crashbars is that: once you go down, you have to paint them and they add a lot more weight

  • Used to have oem on zx10r and they saved my bike when losing it in a corner on a racetrack

  • They sure add more weight but higher grade of protection as well

  • Hi! I have these parts, they fit perfectly (versys '08), looking good and prevented a few times serious damages. Also the rubber parts are to buy separately (not very cheap though), and are easy to change. And they can be used as very confortable footrests also :)

  • i have the sw motech engine bars think they look better as well

  • I got the crash bars from PowerMoto Guss

  • SW motceh crash bars

  • Are those lights denali's? Would you recommend that position? I'm looking foward to get some extra lumens out of my v

  • no there givi trecker lights David good lights good price as well £125 in the uk easy fit all wiring is done for you . i used a piggy back fuse into the fuse box so they go of with the ignition but you can just wire straight to the battery

  • Among all engine guard... Touratech design the best! I'm looking forward to purchase one from Touratech.

  • The way I rationalize is that crash bars protect better with a protruding object, rock, stump etc. Sliders are for smoother surfaces. It's down to where you'll go.

    Also some of the better full cages are pricey. So would I just replace parts instead? Or do I need to be sure I'm not stuck in the desert stranded?

    All about what terrain and how remote you'll be. My riding is all in my AAA coverage range.

  • Im surprised youre still in this group if you got a KTM instead haha. How has it been so far?

  • I still like the Versys quite a bit. Work has kept me from picking it up yet heh. Hopefully soon.

  • Chris Esser are right! Crash bar protect the best... it can be use both on offroad and road as well. The only down side is the price.

    But for me, i rather pay more for protection than pain in the ass later.

    This is my Thailand made crash bars... which I wish to change to Touratech in future...

  • What Acs said!