Just wondering what tank bags people are running I m looking at options just...

Just wondering what tank bags people are running? I'm looking at options just the wanting other riders opinions, and the reason why they are using it versus others. Thanks.

  • I like the OEM magnetic one. I looked at one of the tank cap mount ones and it stuck up too much above the tank for my personal tastes. Not sure if they're all like that. Only thing I don't care for, and I know I'm old school in this regards, is the map pocket sleeve on top of my RKA bags. Just something about an old school map that I like to see, not that I don't appreciate the gps maps on my phone.

  • $20 ebay special.

  • I have a Wolfman tank bag that I bought for my BMW more than 15 years ago. I was fortunate to get a strap kit to fit it to my old KLR. I had to reverse the KLR straps to get it to fit the Versys.

    The quality and workmanship are top notch.


  • Givi with tanklock

  • I feel crowded with a tank bag. I have a tail bag. Love it!

  • Very nice. Hadn't thought of that.

  • Timothée Howland I love it, and if you need it to lock, you can put a lock through the two zipper pulls.

  • It will fit all 650 Versys. The seats are the same even after 2012. It has Velcro closures under the seat, so would probably fit the 1000 also.

  • I use a rynox navigator perfext fit and good quality..Il share a pic without the rain cover. Excellent build quality. But its only available in India. They may ship it.

  • Can b mounted horizontally Nd vertically. Also has D rings if u wanna strap it to the frame or use it as a tail bag.

  • Givi st 602