Just wondering I would like to remove the pillion grab handle as I never take...


Just wondering.........I would like to remove the pillion grab handle as I never take pillions and never will (they spoil my fun lol). So has anyone removed theirs and did they fill the gap with anything. Is there a piece you can buy to fill the gap left?

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  • It'll still be heavier than the C...

    I find it useful for tying things to the back of the bike.

  • Got a rack and top box for that sort of thing

  • But top boxes are ugly.

  • I only use it when doing endurance challenges. Comes in very handy for tooolkits water etc

  • Mine came with full Krauser panniers and top box, but I only fit the stuff when I go on holiday. They're HUGE...

  • Yeah no doubt. I can't be bothered taking the rack off. It's not too bad.

  • That's okay, nice and small.

  • On mine you can have the pannier frames on without the rack, but not vice versa.

  • if i never took pillions ..i would cut the back seat off ..

  • Or fit a solo seat.

  • Get a metal piece made the same or make it yourself out of perspex and a heat gun

  • Gaffer tape.

  • Na gaffer tape makes good plasters :-)

  • Slow it down, with no spoiler,

  • Mine's off...

  • Top box ;)

  • ammo box

  • Good idea, let me know if you find out