Just wondered is it possible to re map your ECU by yourself No dyno or power...

Just wondered, is it possible to re map your ECU by yourself. No dyno or power commander but just by way of using your laptop ? Just a thought

  • I'm going to go to RRP of Coventry, get it dynoed properly when all my aftermarket bits are on the bike and it's how I finally want it.

  • Don't think you will be doing it yourself then as the kit for a single ecu from woolich is the same price

    http://www.woolichracing.com/p roducts/kawasaki/zx14-zzr1400/ kawasaki-zx14-zzr1400-ecu-flas hing.aspx#productTable

  • I'm like a rabbit in the headlights, I like to do all my own maintenance etc on my bikes but electrics always have been an area I've never really conquered and so a kit like this is very tempting because you can tweak your ECU as often as you want. Help !!!!

  • Go to Hilltop Motorcycles, just West of Leicester and get it remapped properly, ignore the self mapping stuff, you'll lunch your engine if you get it wrong.

    http://hilltopmotorcycles.co.u k/

  • Unless you are changing bits all the time then you only need it setting up once. Not like you are gona remove say the speed limit and then put it back on a week later. If you don't know what you are doing then you will think everything is ok and a couple of seconds later you have a big pile of scrap at best or if it does it at speed it could be a lot worse

  • I've listened to a lot of opinions and I'm erring on the side of caution and letting the professionals set my bike up, at least I've got some comeback if it's not quite right...

  • Listen to Dave, he knows these bikes inside out, much more than I do, get it done properly for £350. If you can't afford it then leave it till you can because afterall, it's a damn good bike straight out of the crate.

  • I wouldn't go anywhere near the idea of sticking my ECU in the post for someone to remap. Yes I've had mine done. 6 hours of Dyno and tweaking to get it right. The difference is night and day. Fuelling gradually tweaked using a gas analyser, secondary throttle butterflies advanced, fueling checked again etc. That can only be done properly with the right kit by someone who knows what they are doing. Anything else is a compromise and could make the bike run like poo in my opinion.

  • actually the autotunes are very safe and will not lunch the engine, as long as you can read and comprehend basic instructions, simple to use and work very well

  • Had a PC5 fitted and a custom made by a professional dyno shop using the rolling road. Each gear is mapped for maximum effiicency. It is a bespoke set up for your bike. My ZZR now runs at pretty much optimum engine performance. More torque, more power and better MPG. For example, the graph shows 170 rwbhp at 7.5k and 115lbs of torque! Peak power up to 195rwbhp from 186. That's not really important, the bike just runs so well. It's perfect! :)

  • If anyone is in the west/midlands area, these guys are the best. I've had 3 power commander sets ups from them for my ZX12, gen1 14 & now my gen2 14 :)

    http://www.leemotorcycles.co.u k/