Just what does lower wind deflectors do for a rider I have rode with and with...


Just what does lower wind deflectors do for a rider. I have rode with and with out wind shield. Riders talk about wind buffing. How much more buffing can there be then without a wind shield. I want to know if the wind deflectors is really worth the $$.

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  • I have them on my V2K and they seem to help deflect rain can't really tell a different riding with or without. ...

  • Never smell my exhaust. My lowers reduced the wind flow coming in around tank and into face. Less wind on legs a plus in winter. First summer with them on. Ask my opinion again in august

  • On a 2000 Vulcan 2000, it was impossible to ride without adding the lowers... my head looked like a bobble head doll before got the lowers

  • I tried the Kawa Windshield with and without lowers. For me both doesn't work. Since a year i ride without any windshield. For me the best way. Warm clothes in colder times and a good helmet.

  • Also the beast looks better without, i think. :)

  • I would love to try the lowers but can't find the factory Oem anymore, was told the don't make them.my quadzilla fairing creates a buffered upstart that fills my jacket and puffs it up like the Michellen man.

  • vn2000a was made for motorcycling purists, those who love the power, speed and wind in their face, you want a wind shield you should have purchased a Goldwing or HD........IJS

  • Clint , when i was trying the windshield setups i had the same problem, to find vn2000 factory lowers. I found out that those for the vn1700 also fit.

  • Lowers are a breeze to make, and quite inexpensive. Some Lexan (about $20) and some "P" Clamps and about 20 minutes between making a template from cardboard and cutting the lexan.... and yeah, they keep my half helmet from trying to fly off or choke me to death with the strap. Purist or not, I'm glad I put mine on.