Just wanted to throw out an update on the powervalves The machinist called...


Just wanted to throw out an update on the powervalves. The machinist called today, they are now at splining stage, after that the holes and notches will be cut. this is the fastest he has done them so far. A guess at completion? maybe 2-3 weeks, save your money, I'm thinking they won't last long, and it's a limited run. If they go quick enough I'll do another run. Please know this isn't a cheap endeavor to have these made. Don't waste time, get them while I have them.

Anyone who is interested, comment here with quantities. Price is 210.00 shipped domestic per set,

%d comments
  • I will take 1 set.

  • Mike. Please count me in for 4 sets.

  • I'll take a set.

  • Which ones are they, Gregg from off road innovations said their are 2 types. Are they the type in the pic.

  • I want a set

  • I'm down for a set

  • Yes

  • Figures I payed more than that last year for a oem used set. I'm still down for a set.

  • I'll take a set.

  • Sam Moore Michael Moore Thomas Moore

  • I would like a set please

  • I would like a set

  • I will buy a set as well

  • We are within a week for completion guys. Almost there!

  • Awsome!!! I can't wait.

  • POWER VALVES ARE DONE!!! I PICK THEM UP THURSDAY MORNING. Whiz1quads@yahoo.com is the paypal. 210.00 for the first set,200.00 for each additional set. Don't sit on your thumbs guys, get them bought and paid for. This is a limited run.

  • Sam Moore

  • Michael Moore

  • Will send some money your way later tonight!

  • Sounds good!

  • Payment sent