just to let you know a sherriff in inverness has just sentanced a motor...

just to let you know..a sherriff in inverness has just sentanced a motor cyclist with no previous, too four months in jail for doing 149 mph on a clear straight road

  • That sherif must have a really, really fast horse then! Seriously though, three digits and caught and not on a motorway will only end in tears. They just look at numbers, there's never context now... Be safe people

  • if the same person with no previous was to attack someone and beat them up, he wouldnt get four months, even though it was a deliberate act of agression..doesnt add up..

  • one law for car drivers!

  • Outrageous tbh.the moral of the story?Buy a flip numberplate,or remove it before a ride!

  • You and your tech! lol

  • All I'm saying is speed flip.com......

  • David Walker #catchmeifyoucan. lol

  • Shame it's getting harder to get away with speeding. Down in the midlands we have Santapod. There yesterday. Doing 150 + is great.

  • The problem with a flip number plate is that you wll get put in prison even if you are not moving. Highly illegal and perverting the course of justice never ends well. =D =D

  • What winds me up is the punishment for what could happen is prison, but when a numpty kills a biker that was doing no wrong they get away with a slap on the wrist.

  • It's the numbers ie 129 they are making an example. If you have watched that program on the telly. With the hyabusa (police Bike) they talk down to bikers. Round this area they have R1 plain Bike also some others.

  • I agree

  • Sorry.149 I meant

  • I know some who got stopped.for.drink.driving at its was the fourth time had to go.to crown court and was.well over the limit and got a five year ban but zero jail time,149 on an empty road does it really deserve 4 months in jail which will probably also cost him his job and it seems excessive to me especially when the courts bend of backwards to keep scumbags and thieves out of jail

  • A speed flip looks like a normal plate.have you ever noticed mine?It's been on for two years......

  • People have been done for pcoj for.flashing headlights to warn of.speed traps so they are saying let the "crime" happen but surely letting it happen is dangerous and they are all.about "your safety " and so with that logic and following the spirit of their rules the next time.your on the high street and see masked men with sawn off's going into the bank well let.i t happen as you don't want to call 999 and be charged with pcoj

  • It is excessive you can't win. They the Tech

  • It will cost him dearly, job, next job etc etc. Wrong sentence.

  • I agree, if it really is about road safety as they keep harping on, then surely me flashing my lights to get people to slow down is the right thing to do, isn't that what their speed cameras are for? And what about the camera signs, aren't they warning us that there are cameras so slow down? Ironic I'd say.

  • David Walker no I haven't noticed your's, but I don't care so I'm not looking for one, unless you want me to notice so you can pay ME a huge fine! Lol!

  • If it was really that dangerous then all.vehicles would have gps speed limiters to end all.speeding but it won't happen as their income would dry up

  • It's coming Gary Spud Taylor

  • Not a chance mate

  • If it's a camera, you've got to say that eyes should be open.... if it was a stationary speecheck then next time stop, turn round and hightail it... or just keep going in the first place. And if it was a car.. how the hell did they catch up? Are Inverness plod equipped with twin-turbo supercharged V8 nitro-fuelled Ariel Atoms now?

    A fair cop is a fair cop, but when toytown magistrates want to impress the world with their dick size on unimportant cases, yet impress the world with their absolute detatchment from reality by slapping the wrists in far more serious cases (like using a car to kill or cripple people) the only solution is to not join the party..

  • I had a Volvo S90 loan car the other day that pretty much drove itself, it accelerated and braked on its own, it even steered by itself, no wonder so many people cannot drive these days, the car does it all for them, it even parked itself in a parking spot, not just parallel parking, but in a car park space too!