Just sussing out the soft luggage before trip to Scotland with Dave Craddock at...


Just sussing out the soft luggage before trip to Scotland with Dave Craddock at end of month.

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  • Easter for us too Mark Abbotts, 2 nights in Edinburgh. Manchester on the way up and Leeds on the way back.

  • Starting in Lowestoft and then down to lands end over to st David's and then up to john O starting early on the Friday should be at john either early sat or latest mid afternoon :-)

    Then gentle ride back down on the Sunday

  • Be interesting to see how you get on Barry Coleman. I've got the large tank bag and tweetie bag, both are very good. However considering pannier bags as going to Pyrenees for 2.5 weeks. Please let me know how you get on.

  • Wildo Chris Workman, think I might go out with David Lee Ralphson suggestion as the waterproofs are to fiddly.

  • I have lashed all over Europe using this method and my stuff has always been dry. I used the over sized carrier bags that bike shops have when they sell you a helmet etc. Put the bag in the pannier and fold the top of the bags over the pannier. Pack your stuff , fold the top of the bag over the stuff to make an envelope ,then zip up be careful not to snag :-)

  • Cheers David Lee Ralphson I shall try your method.;-)

  • Hi Barry what's in between the bag cover and the cans? Not a heat-shield of any description?

  • Yep it's a heat shield attaches to the bottom of the bags

  • Where do you the heat-shields come from?

  • Pat sure Barry Coleman will be along some time soon and confirm where he got all his kit from but he does have the slow green/black one so it could be some time

  • Into bikes are the only place I could find that stock them. Proper Bagster ones.