Just read on another forum that having a car tire on the back of the bike some...


Just read on another forum that having a car tire on the back of the bike some insurance companies won't cover ya. I have Progressive and I guess thats one of em.

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  • Yea I've seen em on there. Always more tire on the ground. I can see on my tire where it's ridden on the road and is not on the sidewall at all. Barely on the corner of the tire and I scrape my boards all the time

  • Mine goes on this Saturday, GY Tripletread 205/60.

  • I have a car tire on my Rogue. Have had for years. Don't much care for it, but, then again, don't much care to fork out $250 a year for a tire, either.....

  • Dave Calhoun, that's where I am going... give yourself a raise!! I think if it is even close to the handling of a normal bike tire I am in.. All the little things we foolishly spend our money on (and I was great at it thru my 30's) add up very quickly.. then all of a sudden you look and say geesh now I've got to work till I am 70 or never stop working.. that's crazier than putting a car tire on the back in my opinion..

  • Its interesting regarding giving yourself a raise. I recently purchased a 1st Gen (2000 - 2006) Honda Insight Hybrid for $6K. In the first 4 mos of ownership I've saved $400 in fuel compared to my old 21 mpg vehicle. The thing gets 70 -85 MPG. Now a quick change like that adds up very quickly over the lifetime of the car - I'll keep it for 10 years and save $18K in fuel over that time, probably throw a new battery in it for $2k, and I've still got a savings of $16K. This stuff adds up quickly..and that's just based on $3.8 gallon for those 10 years and we know fuel isn't going to stay there.. back in 2000 or so we were at $1.20 gallon or so.. Inflation is at 1.5% per year or so..

  • ...and the federal government is wanting to raise the gas tax because of fuel efficient vehicles are using less gas, which means less tax revenue. How about everybody just stop buying gas and go to all electric vehicles. I've seen a few home made all electric motorcycles......

  • I don't disagree. Hybrids are only a stop gap! Watch the move "Charge", it is about the early years of electric motorcycle racing at Isle of Man. Its awesome, a great watch.. especially seeing the change in attitude both with the public and the racers over the first few years. At first all were against it, afterwards everyone is for it! The future is coming

  • I think what I like most is being on two wheels. I don't much care what powers it.....

  • Dave Calhoun; I am the same way. Anything on two wheels regardless of power is great.. Its about a little risk for a lot of freedom.

  • Robert Vinson Cravey Jr. If you get one, let us know how you like it. I've looked at them, but the price was a little steep 2 Xmas' ago. Plus I am out of debt and staying there, but I am really interested. There's a guy at an adjacent business to where I work, has a electric motorcycle. Don't think it was Zero though.. I haven't talked to him yet, but it looks cool.. Tons of batteries in the thing.. I think its great that people are considering putting their hard earned dollars into forward thinking designs.. it pushes us forward and opens up the markets to others to consider the same thing. Personally i believe we need to keep pushing to right the ship with regards to the environment.... we can't keep pissing in our own bathtub or well water and expect our health not to suffer to use an analogy.