Just picked up a kx500 today

Just picked up a kx500 today.

What size / style / brand carb are you guys running?

Would anyone have the porting specs or a website I could find them at?

  • What kind of carb is it because you should be running a pwk 39mm

  • What year is your kx500 pre88 was a mikuni

  • Not sure. I can look when I get home. I just got the motor Clean enough last night so I could see everything

  • 88 or 89

  • Stock works well on my '92 Keihin.

  • Jet size?

  • I have no clue to what is in mine,I only leaned needle 1 clip decades ago. Have FMF guide for it. 175,62,stock needle,3rd clip and 1.5 turns out. FMF setup for '88,'89.

  • That's good to know.

  • Have Gnarly on mine. Ron and I race each other,his is an '03.He has Pro Circuit I think. Great bikes. 13 oz, Steahly on flywheel. 1 down in rear from stock. IMS Pro Series pegs.

  • 87

  • 87 ran a mikuni

  • I think that's what is on there

  • Stock runs great