Just judging from this photo. Is my belt centered on rear pulley or off center

Just judging from this photo... Is my belt centered on rear pulley or off center? Getting vibration on hi way acceleration and at speeds of 70 and up and wondering if this is possible culprit. Thanks

  • Are you getting a "cherping" sound?

  • Yes it chirps

  • I have the same problem.... and was told th same thing. Gonna have it checked when I replace the tire next month.

  • belt too loose?

  • I think they all chirp here and there. Had my adjusted several times by the dealer and it still chirps at around 35 to 40

  • Chirps too loose ..

  • my chirping disappeared when I switched to a Myron rear pulley

  • You just adjusted your belt correctly the pulley had nothing to do with it.

  • Bare, never chirped any way i set it. I had it loose to the point it jumped once.

  • Everytime I get mine back from the dealer for a tire change I have to adjust it myself. Adjust the throttle way down then put it on a motorcycle jack and out it in first gear so the rear wheel turns slowly and adjust the jam nuts until the belt rides just inside outter rim. You can watch the belt move. Make sure you have the bike secured so that it can't tip over as this is very dangerous if you don't.