Just insured the ZedZed today 171 comprehensive with legalcover and protected...


Just insured the ZedZed today, €171 comprehensive with legalcover and protected bonus, how does that compare with UK insurance nowadays? Roughly £126

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  • You know what I rode years ago in ire and through France and Spain in my FJ1100 and was never taxed or insured lol cops loved my bike and no one ever asks if it was lol

  • then along comes ANPR

  • ???

  • Mce are always the cheapest but be careful with them I've been stung twice with them not the most honest company

  • Stung Paul? how? Hope I haven't just fell for one.....:-(

  • I took their insurance out on a Saturday and cancelled it on the Monday the kept deposit which is fair I don't mind that however there rang me the other day and said you owe us six months and claimed someone forgot to cancel it for me... Obviously I told them to feck off....the other is if they need to see your licence get a delivery report on your email so they can't cancel your insurance for you claiming you never sent it

  • If they cancel it then you have to tick the ever been refused or cancel box on q I ones and no one will insure you...... I don't think it's really bad I've just had a call of problems with them I'm sure yours will be fine :-)

  • £127 comp with 0 no claims for everything inc Europe & legal, recovery but limited miles

  • Mce I've been with, Bennetts (never again) now with motorcycle direct diamond I'm with

  • £180 ish everything in, 2 bumps in cars declared (minor ones)