Just got my licence plate today. hindi sakto butas ng lalaggyan ng plate

Just got my licence plate today....hindi sakto butas ng lalaggyan ng plate...

  • change holder plate or butasan mo na lang sir yung plate holder

  • ako sir pinagawan ko sa binilan ko ng holder... responsibility kasi nila yan... kaya nung nilagyan nila ng temp plate ginwan n nila holder.... kaso aun til now temp plate parin kaya no travel ako haha

  • Yung plate holder dapat palitan saka ko na gagawin ito ride muna this holiday...

  • Ingat on installing LTO plates, Many LTO enforcers are expecting only the plate and the 2 LTO bolts on the bike's rear, some are not even expecting a plate holder. Though Article II-E of DOTC Joint Admin Order 2014-01 does not specifically mention "plate holder", nor does the holder obstruct plate's visibility. You might experience inconvenience of being stopped on the road for a while for some discussion

  • Yan din iniisip ko baka paginitan plate holder pero madaling ma deform yung plate pag sumabit walang patigas.