just got back in town from preparing for deer season and my father picked up a...

just got back in town from preparing for deer season and my father picked up a smalll nail on the rear tire of Nina, anyone heard of putting a tube in the tire rather then a mushroom patch/plug?

  • awesome thanks andy! i just droped my wheel and tire off to get a tube and balanced :) cant wait to ride again, and omg i was not exspecting to win

  • Well.., the members voted :-D

  • and i thank everyone who did vote, even the members who voted for someone else, just simply thank you for voting for Nina the Ninja! :)

  • Got a flat on my zx14r. Plugged it and didn't have any issues.

  • I have used plugs a few times and they have always worked great. I have even used plugs on my BMW cars run flat tyres (which apparently you arnt supposed to do) but they have been fine too.

  • i just had a mushroom patch plug put in then a tube just to make sure and now this screw lol the mushroom patch plug go;s on the inside, the plug pulled through then the whole thing gets glued and balanced

  • Sounds just the job Casey, and you had the sense to get it balanced too! I didn't bother once after putting a plug in a front tyre ... Didn't think a little plug would make any difference to the balance ... oh my, I was so wrong!!

  • i figured putting the tube in would throw off the balance, ( even a little plug) and seeing how i do a little track riding i would feel better with it balanced

  • Oh definitly worth doing Casey. I was fine till I hit about 55mph and nearly got thrown off with the vibration and shaking from one tiny plug. You definitly did the right thing buddy.