Just got added. Here s my scoot

Just got added. Here's my scoot.

  • That's a superb polish,nice

  • Believe it or not, that's a factory 07 finish! It's never been polished since new when i got it...

  • I got midnight blue 08 uk model,sure it don't shine like that

  • Mine is the factory Diablo black. I paste waxed the bike one time when it was new. Ever since I've only used Lucas slick mist spray wax in the blue bottle. It's the only one that I've used that doesn't leave streaks on the black.

  • Mine looks black in shade then turn metallic blue in the sun

  • Looks good! I wouldn't mind having the zzr letters for another set of plastics I plan to do. The 06 models here in the US came with kawasaki on the side fairing, like yours, but switched to just a sticker that says ninja the following years.

  • How much are the swing arms over there

  • Factory swing arms are cheap on ebay and stuff. I just have extensions on mine. I think, for everything, I had about 400 USD into stretching my bike.

  • Cheers for info

  • No problem.