just found this group here s my 01 currently homemade exhaust rear fender...


just found this group, here's my 01 currently, homemade exhaust, rear fender eliminator and other stuff, still need to get the tank done up.

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  • Brandon, try The Lonely Ones. Great bunch. Well, there is JayPee of course, but he's alright, everything you heard about him is untrue. Well, most of it is. :)

  • I live in ft worth and had to buy one in Denver. Also got a steal, $3k shipped

  • nice, mine ended up at 2800 shipped, let me know if you ever get down to Austin

  • Well not everything Jonathan Pine... It was I who stole that magazine from the shop when I was 6. It had such a prutty cover... the rest... ok... give it a grain of salt... ok... many...bah...don't believe a word I say :)... Welcome Brandon!

  • ;)

  • JPC, no need to explain to JP... Let him simmer on his Club :-)

  • Brandon Newton: What are you going to do to the tank? re-paint it? re-brand it? re-fuel- it? ;)

  • repaint, I've already changed the knee pads a little, I took the rubber off and painted them with bed liner, I may end up having the brackets filled.

  • Think PlastiDip ;)