• Just did my first piece of carbon fiber wrap

    Just did my first piece of carbon fiber wrap.

    • thanks Frank, I appreciate your input.

    • You welcome. It's always nice with some inputs. I love getting inputs from other people. :)

    • Is it a 06 mod you have?

    • no, mine is the 05, it quickly became my favorite bike that I've had even more than the 636 that I had.

    • Okay. :). Looks nice. :)

    • love the street fighter look like yours, but kawasaki quit importing the 750 to America in '07. the Z1000 has made it to the states every year though.

    • Okay. That's stupid.

    • Is it a z 750s you got?

    • I agree, it it stupid, and your right, it is the "S"

    • But 08 z1000 looks the same. More or less.. Just a little more horsepower.. :)