Just bought this 94 kx500 Any tips on making the clutch lighter Going to weld...

Just bought this 94 kx500. Any tips on making the clutch lighter? Going to weld a longer piece onto the clutch arm but is there any other ideas?

  • first before all other mods, clean the cable all the way up, cause many people use chain-lube-spray also for the cables and after some time they start to wonder why the clutchpull got heavier.. chain lube is made to protect and lube a chain . its getting a consistance like glue after some time and holds the cable tight . use the cable-oiler-tool to clean it with brake cleaner and at least lube it only with wd40 ... the clutch pull on my kx500 is so easy, that i can do it with one finger and its all oem-parts without any mod, only clean cable and wd40 from time to time.. ;)

  • I lube with DOT 4 Brake fluid it was super :)

  • never tried brake fluid for lubing, brake fluid is a lil bit aggressive to rubber parts or paint.. but i keep in mind for a day at the track, when no other solution is available.. ;)

  • Michael Kopp Yes not good on rubber and paint, but so light and stick, you know on the fingers

  • yes, but it is at least not the best solution for private customer bikes..

  • Wd40 now make a silicon Version it's even better and don't dry out as fast.

  • Magura hydraulic son

  • Put a hydraulic clutch on

  • Might have heavy clutch springs Nathan. The kx500 I have here is much lighter on the clutch pull

  • I have just what you want in the cave will post it on here later

  • Cheers mate Simon has whipped cable off and cleaned it and lubed it and it's a lot better now

  • i put light in the dark, cleaning and lubing the clutchcable was the ultimate mod that helped... ;)

  • Extending the clutch arm 8mm(Max) does help a little. If you extend it too far it will add to the problem that you are trying to solve. But, to get a perfect working clutch there is only one simple way to achieve it without spending big bucks. A new stock perch and lever with a new genuine Kawasaki cable. Leave the springs, they fitted those springs for a good reason.

    After market cables are never as good,

  • Get a Rtech clutch arm and you'll solve all of your problems

  • Standard clutch springs new cable and should be good !!!