just bought one of these big girls. its a 01 model from dead dog racing

just bought one of these big girls.its a 01 model from dead dog racing.its my first two stroke.how do I start it?its got fresh fuel,clean filter.im a bit over kicking it .if it doesn't start dragging it behind a ute,im selling it.any ideas please?

  • Sell it to me

  • YouTube Raymond Thomson KX500 nr end of the video I kick the bike

  • Best way 2 start a cold kx500 is to turn on the choke put in second gear rock back and forth about 10 times and it should start first man kick

  • Before ya drag it I'll buy it fellow

  • Its easy ya big pussys..

    Ratchet the kickstart so its just over compression. Ratchet back up for a full swing..

    Then jump on the bastard like yer getting a junky off your mother!

  • Lean it till fuel runs from all the hoses,then kick it with no throttle. Works for me. Fresh NGK B8es in it too.

  • Man kick! Lol

  • I love this man I have my 17yr old start mine it's easy

  • yeah well hes free to have a go at this one

  • did you try the advice james? ignore the insults and bravado. put a fresh plug in, drain the carb, and have at er. since you dont know your bike, turn off your gas when youre done for the day. let it idle for 15 seconds then shut bike off. if you have a bad needle and seat, this will prevent flooding before you try starting the next time.

  • thanks chris for the info Chris,havent been at it yet.will let you know how it goes

  • Just remember I showed him when I still had knees

  • And since we're serious if no spark no fun I've owned 4 not heavy enough to start a 350 but have started any 2 stroke big bore ever put in front of me

  • Only 155lbs at my best

  • what no knees?

  • No both fake since 2000

  • Make sure your kill switch isn't busted. Check for spark while kicking.

  • That's one thing I havent checked

  • That's two things, but whatevs

    If it doesn't fire hit me back

  • Will do