Just bought metal chain cover of W800 thinking plasti dip it black


Just bought metal chain cover of W800, thinking plasti-dip it black

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  • Where are you, Id gladly trade you the black plastic one from my 2000 W650 for your ugly metal one, I am willing to make that sacrifice.....

  • I need to do this on my own. Actually, I think it will look great after plasti-dip, btw I live in Taiwan.

  • Yep, black 'll be great! With gold striping off course :-)

  • first try, failed,

  • second try

  • Perhaps you should have sparyed a couple coats of PlastiDip glossifier for a satin finish... ?

  • too lazy to take it off now......

  • Don't. It's transparent glossifier, spray directly on the chain cover ;)

  • Chrome won't get you home.

    Black will get you back.

  • Add some gold when you're told :-D