Just back from 2500 mile trip through Spain and Portugal amazing roads next to...

Just back from 2500 mile trip through Spain and Portugal, amazing roads, next to no traffic, the bike was faultless and very comfortable.

  • Also just returned from Italy after a 2500 mile euro trip. Left the big Z at home ant took the Beemer XR. Should have took the Z

  • How is the comfort with that many miles/kilometers.. I came off a zx6r which was too uncomfortable.. Now i have a tour kawasaki KLV1000 which is very comfortable but a bit too slow at top.. So how is the zzr1400 compared to these?

  • Well I did a 3000 mile trip in April this year on my previous bike BMW R1200GS and have to say I was expecting to have a sore back / bum / neck / wrists compared to the GS. The ZZR NO PAIN it was fantastic even rode 564 miles in one day excellent comfort, I did put bar risers on and the MRA screen

  • I did a 1700+mile week earlier this month in the Ardennes region and even nursing a healing fractured right radial head (done just 3 weeks before the trip) the ZZR was brilliant. I'm over 18stone and 6'2", so I still get the same 'numb bum' after 90-120 minutes in the saddle, but none of the back and joint ache I used to get on my previous bike, which was admittedly no tourer (a ZX10-R).

    I have installed the bar riser blocks which make a hell of a difference. I may go for lower foot pegs too, just to give an extra bit of stretch for the longer runs on straight roads.

    I've done 5000 miles since getting it in February and absolutely everything about the ZZR is a pleasure.

  • Wish was there with you all...Enjoy and stay safe.

  • The KAWY is AWESOME...owned many different bikes, inclusive the Triumph (awesome) and the 1200 BMW (awesome too) but the ZX14R IS THE ultimate awesomeness...