Pinoys love to ride motorcycles. In fact, it is a mode of transportation in many of our localities. However, it can also be a very dangerous ride if safety measures will not be followed.

There is no excuse for being involved in road accident if you are riding your two-wheel drive unsafe. In using a motorcycle, riders should always be reminded that they should be extra careful because unlike cars, motorcycles do not have covers and airbags that will protect them from the impact of a collision or crash. Even though we are not asking for these tragedies to occur, we cannot neglect that it is a possibility.

Effects of accidents may be fatal, and in some cases riders get killed. It is a reality we cannot deny, but we can always prevent these instances from happening. The quote “prevention is better than cure” will not be a famous adage for nothing, and it applies very true even in motorcycle riding.

If you are a motorcyclist who values your life, the feeling of the people who loves you, as well as the safety of others, you have to ensure that you are following the two approaches for a safe motorcycle ride.

#1. Ride With Care

Many riders think that keeping their selves protected in their ride is the only way to ensure safety in public roadways. If you are one of the riders who are thinking of the same way, you may be wrong this time. Definitely, keeping yourself protected is one of the solutions, however, there is a primary way that you must always follow at all times. What is it? That is practicing your “duty of care” when you are traversing public roadways.

#2. Follow Traffic Rules

Following traffic rules, being concern of others, and being extra careful when you travel will not only benefit you, but other people who are using the road the same as you. There are plenty of motorcyclists who are neglecting their duty because they become overconfident that they are wearing gears. As much as possible, be responsible in riding. By riding right, you are making a very big difference.

#3. Wear Motorcycle Gears

Riding responsibly is never a waste for you are making a difference for your life and for other people’s lives. However, there are other drivers who might just blow up the care that you have been practicing for years. Here enters the benefit of motorcycle gears. When somebody has been reckless, and you were unfortunately inconvenienced because of other’s fault, protective gears can save your life. Just imagine the amount of injuries a rider will experience if he happens to be ejected out of his drive without wearing any gear. Helmets and motorcycle clothing may not alleviate all the impact when unfortunate events occur, but it can still make a big difference in saving the rider’s life. Always wear a helmet, not because you need to comply to the law, but you wanted to be safe in your ride.

Public roadways are one of the most dangerous places in the entire planet. Many people suffer in their floors everyday due to accidents, and while there are plenty who survived, there also are plenty whose lives were taken away.

You can make a change, and that is by being a responsible pinoy rider.


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