Just a quick question to all you 1400 owners any problems I should know about...


Just a quick question to all you 1400 owners..any problems I should know about the 2008 model ZZR1400. .?..heard a few problems with them and what should I look for around the bike..it's done 22,000 miles..thanks in advance guys..

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  • got 2008, nothing wrong with her :-)

  • Other thing to look out for is warped front discs. They all do it as the stck disc's arent man enough for the bike. So if you test ride it, look for some pulsing through the lever when you brake.

    The cam cover leaking is another.

    Ive had both on my 07.

    Aftermarket dics sort those out, and kawasaki do an upgraded part for the cam cover.

  • Kawasaki is set to recall a number of 2006 and 2007 model ZZ-R1400s over fears that part of the frame could fail and cause the rear suspension to collapse.

    The UK announcement follows a US recall by Kawasaki North America. The recall notice posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database reads:

    ‘Kawasaki is recalling certain model year 2006-2007 'Ninja' ZX14 motorcycles. The rear suspension can collapse when a cross member separates from the frame.

    ‘Failure of the frame could result in the rear of the motorcycle collapsing creating the possibility of a crash resulting in injury or death.

    ‘Dealers will check the torque of the engine mount adjusting collars and inspect and possibly replace the frame if necessary.’

    A statement released by Kawasaki UK last week said:

    ‘Kawasaki UK are currently planning to launch a similar campaign to the one highlighted in America for the ZZR1400. In the first instance this will mean an inspection of any affected units.

    ’Registered owners of machines eligible for inspection will be contacted advising them to contact a Kawasaki dealer for an inspection and any subsequent work, if necessary, to be carried out. The campaign only affects certain models imported into the UK.

    ’Kawasaki considers the safety of customers as a priority and work closely with VOSA and the UK Recall code of practice guidelines. Specific details of the campaign will be released as soon as they become available.’

  • Someone near were i live had this happen to them

  • Here is more on zx14 zzr14 issues

  • ZX-14 Engine Knock: Problem Solved

    When I fired up the bike today I not only heard the cam chain tensioner but a piston slap, the engine was knocking. What's up with that!!!!

    So I did a google search on "ZX14 piston slap" and it seems a lot people have had the same problem with the 14, not only the 06-07's but also some of the 08-09's!!!

    This is what I did,.... I added a full bottle of Techron to 3 gallons of gas and went for a ride, (I went very easy on the throttle)after a couple of miles the engine was running like a sewing machine again so I took it home dropped the oil, and put fresh Mobil 1 15w-50 in. The bike is running perfect now, it's quite and I don't even hear the hydrolic cam chain tensioner rattle as it pressures up. No more thin oil in the 14 for me, even if it's cold out.

    Something about Techron, if you want it to clean out your engine quickly add a whole bottle to 1 or 2 gallons of gas. The ZX-14 is obviously more sensitive to engine deposits than the ZZR-1200 was/is.

    The 14 has been a fantastic bike, it's my favorite. This is the first "problem" I've encountered,.... I'm just happy it was something simple.

  • 15/50 is a bit thick, should be 10/40

  • Those recalls were years ago! Piston slap? Not heard that one either.

  • That was for owner or people looking to buy them so they know about them

  • People are still buying zzr1400 2006 2007 so they know now what to watch out for also to make sure the check was done.

  • Bike is smooth as silk at high speeds, watch out for police these bikes can cruise at 160mph and get your butt in a lot of trouble.

  • Thanks again for all the info guys..much appreciated and looking forward to owning one of these fantastic machines..photos may follow soon..

  • 10/50 in anything will make it quiet...always used to put gearbox oil in when selling a car...kept the tappets nice and quiet

  • Andrew Brassington your a dodgy fucker lol

  • David I am a reformed character now ... I never said anything about sawdust in a gearbox or stuffing a diff with tights did I...hopefully none of you lot bought one of my cars

  • Wee update guys the numpty that had the bike for sale on eBay sold it privately without stating that it was for sale elsewhere..really annoyed..!!!..so looking at a 10 plate ..so again would like to ask if this model has any problems..?..sorry to pick all your brains again..

  • No its fine when you go and look check the paint work under the seat if its fine then job dine if not then you will issues with flakier paint as it has been a knowing issues with the earlier models

  • 10 still has shit camchain adjuster...still has dodgy oil pickup...still has awkward suspension setup...all easily addressed...gen2 don't suffer these but are slower

  • Gen 2 slower? Only if they are missing the green paint

  • Slower when your riding it Gary Spud Taylor.....lol

  • Every hook a duck

  • I watch or bid on so many things that get ended early that I don't bother bidding, if they aren't buy it now I can't be asked!

  • They call me captain slow so don't feel too bad!

  • More updates..traded my old faithful ZZR1100 for a 10 plate ZZR1400..silver and black..not the best colour but looks good..should be here thur/Fri next week..roll on the good weather..thanks again for all the advice...

  • I quite like black and silver...and some carbon fibre of course

  • Great looking seat..is it one of these french comfort seats..?

  • Its a Tony Archer seat m8y....might be on eBay soon as I might order a new one

  • Looks good could you message me if you are selling it.?..cheers

  • Most comfortable seat I've had and I've tried a lot.. will give you a nudge... if I scrape the pennies for another

  • Much appreciated. ..