just a quick one 2007 zx10 when I gear down when the bike is hot usually...

just a quick one, 2007 zx10...when I gear down when the bike is hot (usually after I have been caning it about) I hit a false neutral between 5th and 6th...really annoying and quite a loud scary clanking noise till the selector finds the right gear. its happened a few times now and im really not happy. shes got quality motorbike oil in ..10/40 for uk. thoughts? TIA

  • That happens to alot of bikes. Must times its just you're not positive enough with the shifter. When I had my busa use to do that a lot when I was lazy with the shifter. Could possibly fix that with shifter adjustments. Make it closer to your foot

  • makes a right racket!! thought the gearbox was going to fall out

  • Oh yes the noise is awful. Only way to make that not happen is to slow right down then shift back into gear

  • When it happens, pull the clutch and shift back up into the higher gear. It won't be so bad then. To avoid it, like Allan said, shift with a little more authority. It happens on my 12 sometimes when I don't notice myself getting lazy.

  • yep...pull clutch it...it doesnt do it everytime though