Julian Aborruza Pleite shared a link to the group: Kawasaki W650.


SuperBrace is a patented motorcycle fork stabilizer, machined from 6061 T-6 aircraft quality billet aluminum. SuperBrace is engineered to help improve overal...

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  • I'm unclear as to why the instructions tell you to loosen & re-tighten the pinch bolts before/after installation.

  • I assume so they true themselves to the new brace?

  • James Patrick Harris if you already have your forks somewhat twisted, this ensures that you apply the superbrace without forcing anything... if loosen it is easier to mount it, and the retighten to the new "apperture"/holding/thinggy

  • I just figured loosening/tightening pinchbolts would make no difference in relation to the brace if the wheel wasn't being removed from the forks.

  • I have that SuperBrace on for a while now. Not that I rode that many kms with it yet, but the handling in short turns is way better than before. Never expected it to be that different... More "direct". Makes the left turns more "sliding" and the right ones more "lifting up". Got to watch out now ;-)

    I can surely recommend it to any sidecar freak :-D

  • picked one of these up last summer, vast improvement on the handling, you loosen the axle to relieve stress during install, takes about 2 minutes. i highly recommend one to any W owner

  • I've just got the giggles from the way he says Kawasaki "Kawasarki" or it could just be I've had a beer. :0)

  • how many beer?

  • Ummmm ...... Just enough to give me the giggles, Bombardier at the pub .

  • Kaw-ars'-aki?