Joseph Tan shared a link to the group: Kawasaki W650.


Seems the custom builders are (finally) moving on away from the bonnies & boxers.

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  • Well, Deus have always modified Ws

  • home grown enfield semi custom 1947 j 500 thumper

  • I like this bike, but it's not all that customized. Repainted tank and engine covers, reupholstered seat and knee pads, new turn signals and brake light, ebay fenders . . . something most of us could put together over a winter, with a little cash on hand. It still has the stock suspension and grab bars . . . still, it looks nice--it's a W.

  • The W is too nice on its own and almost a sin to customise it...

  • Hmm. Just about every site that focuses on non-harley stuff features a custom W650 nearly every day. I've seen at least 50 custom W650s on Bike EXIF, Return of the Cafe Racers, Cafe Racer Parma, etc, etc. This post is late to the party...

  • Indeed... or it's an old post !