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I'm with out words :(

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  • Tragic

  • Quite tragic. But I'm confused. Are they blaming the car for turning out in front of him when he was excessively speeding and illegally passing a car? Can someone explain this to me? Thanks..

  • From the articles I read it states the driver of the car said they didn't see the motorcycle or car behind him, it also said that the driver plead guilty to causing death by careless driving.

  • Waw

  • I just watched this and my first reaction was that he clearly died instantly which would have been a relief to his family.., my second reaction was it was a straight road and WT absolute F was the motorist doing that he/she didnt see the guy???.., things like that piss me off because it was on a straight road, the motorist clearly misjudged the speed he was going BUT should "if they were paying attention" have realized to hold back, what I seen was the motorist turning as if the guy wasnt even visible and he wasnt moving at the speed of light ffs.., that bloody annoyed me watching that.

  • Jay Taylor .., yes the guy was going way too fast but it was a straight road, the motorist should have been able to judge whether to turn or not, as you seen the motorist turned regardless of the fact that the guy was right on his nose at point of impact.., if I were a judge I would have ruled that the motorist wasnt showing due care and attention.., I can only assume it was an elderly motorist.., God rest his soul.

  • The whole situation is sad. We riders should never get too comfortable with our experience. Part of a motorcyclist's responsibility should be the ability to expect the worst out of every cager. If you are going to ride that fast in a street like that were cars stop and cross at any given time, you have to be extra careful with the surroundings... My biggest fear is getting rear ended. That is the only thing we cannot control IMO...

  • Dave.., I honestly couldnt have called that to be honest.., I would have assumed that the motorist would have seen me and reacted accordingly.., its a bit like the film final destination.., it just seemed like that guy's time to go.., there but buy the grace of God go us all.., thats what makes us bikers nod our heads at fellow bikers.., it was a sad sad story.

  • I even nod my head at cyclists ffs

  • The moment you step on to a bike, motorcycle of cyclist you're taking a risk. The question is: is it worth taking. Respect fellow bikers living and falen.