Jonathan Forde shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners.

Just ordered mine

  • Jonathan, can I ask what bike you've ordered these for please ?

    I'm after some for my 2006 Z750s, would you know if these would fit ? thanks.

  • Same bike as you!

  • Btw..I swapped my order for all balck ones..

  • Thanks, in that case I'll wait and see if they fit yours OK :)

    Shame they don't do Green, I'll probably go for gold myself.

  • You can get these as well..but I dislike the price

    Check out this item I found on eBay: ink/?nav=item.view&id=23150476 6167&alt=web

  • those are the ones I originally found when looking for some and had the same thought about price :)

  • Yeah

    .I was gonna get those if I ever had the money spare..but then the cheaper ones bike build is definetly a budget build

  • Please give us a summary of the product once installed, if it was easy to install, how, and of course if it did any good. Thanks :)

  • You will be waiting a while for any review