John Swampy French shared a link to the group: Kawasaki W650.


That's different!

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  • My W with new silencers

  • I think you'll find they are 'amplifiers' :-)

  • Funny that MOT man said kinda the same damn great sound though

  • Hey Jerry, it might be "legal" to import it in the States, as it is now officially a Triumph, while you'ld end up with a W :-)

  • Blimey! The Triumph 'Old School' hate my bike as it is - riding around on that would give them apoplexy! Nice Tulips BTW, Gary - I have a pair of them on my W and they sound amazing! Not so much 'silencers' as 'attention grabbers'!

  • It's surprisingly comfy when your moving, defo attention grabbers lol

  • Was your tank from UK Gary?

  • MY EYES!... MY Eyesssssssssss

  • Bike was imported from the states, Tank was already on so not sure if they got it from here or from the states

  • I like it. I see the owner's point : wants a Tirumph that starts every time and doesn't leak... Hey, the W650 is the Bonneville Meriden should have built !!