Joao P Carvalhinho shared his photo to the group: Kawasaki W650.

  • Or buy it in barrels :-D

  • yes an older an wizer once said wht read a book when you can read a library

  • ahp...easy: because you cant drink in a public library, and you can't waste your walls with bookshelves... there is where the bar goes, and the dart target...

  • a book goes well unattended over the table... for keeping the stains out of the furniture...

  • if your worried about the furniture you dont drink enough wink.

  • (I am kidding... I would never put a glass on top of a book)

  • Or I have a bitchin wife! :) who doesn't drink with me... muhahahahah

  • (I can't complain also). been lucky...;)... except for the first one... but I learnt quickly.

  • No wine, Ale. :0)

  • wots the lid?