• Joao P Carvalhinho shared Cafe Racer Dreams's photo to the group: Kawasaki W650.

    Looking good... By Caferacerdreams in Spain. (they made me love bikes)

    • Lovely thing... a very compact build... and set for extra performance... He could have bough a FZRsomething and have the same performance. :)

    • Actually the bike on the top looks more like a flat tracker with the wrong bars. But what's in a name? :)

    • you're right... but then again... I still would ride them both. :)

    • The term "Café racer" once had a more precise meaning. Now it's tossed around to describe anything at all. That confuses the issue.

    • I wish we still had cafes to race to :)

    • I see ads with photos of trashed out, clapped out, destroyed pieces of junk that are almost always described as café racers. I suppose the seller thinks it makes his sorry machine more desirable? Maybe good advertising?

    • Yeah... Just like here.. people slap the CR moniker just to "value" the thing up... But I guess people who want a done deal CR, or even a good CR base for changing know best...

    • Caveat emptor.

    • Regardless of peoples preferences, I find they are both very pleasant on the eye.