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OK let's see what kind of confusion I can start with this post. Who is running a gear indicator ?

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  • My Voyager has a digital indicator, but if I ride my way instead of how yer supposed to, it often reads its in say 3rd or 4th when it isn't... in 6th but not saying it. Seems inconsistent.

  • Best check with Barr Carr on this Jim. Don't think our bike have the required diagnostic connector to hook into

  • I do on my ZX10R, it's a GIpro w/ATRE. It connects to the ECU and reads the actual gear.

    I have another GIpro on the Versys, that one is weird it uses speed and RPM information to calculate the gear, and some times it misses it completely and when stopped it shows 0.

    I thing that for the V2K it works the same way.

  • They came factory on the Victory Dressers and really loved seeing what gear I was in.

  • I'd more like to see the RPM...

    No need to see wich gear is in, because meanwhile i hear it well. :) But i even don't know what is the maximum RPM of the v2k engine...

  • I have a Tach for that It's nice to know gear so you're not always trying to grab 6th gear

  • Eurogears cures that

  • Running a gear indicator on mine, been doing so for about 5 years with no issues

  • I like it ken i want to install one into my batwing

  • Yeah.....I was thinking of installing it on the Speedometer Cowl cutting a small square hole above the Key in between the two rubber buttons....and mounting it underneath..but have just never gotten around to it....and probably never will lol

  • The Rev limiter is set at 5250. You wouldn't want to spin it much over that - the long stroke is great for torque, but not for high rpm.

  • Thx for the info. And is there any way to get this on a display?