Jeremy Stone shared his post to the group: The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society.

paid £500 cant be bad now i got 2 lol

  • looks mint, nice seat

  • You sure 2 x 1100 is enough? :O

  • Yea a C and D models lol

  • Interesting can design

  • Nice. Same colour scheme I'm going for. Love the red on black. Bargain by the way!

  • Red and black is always the best

  • very nice..

  • And we all know she didn't arrive like that :-) Great work.

  • actually she did arrive exactly like that lol just very dusty amazing what a bit of mr sheene does

  • remus can nice a quiet too

  • it came to me for a sevice and mot the bike was in a guys garage he said hed started it regularly but wouldnt start when i went to pic it up i took it to the work shop got it started but it was only running on 3 cylinders i rang the owner asked him to come over and had it running on 3 he said it sounds nice i then got him to touch no 4 header pipe and he said didnt realise it sounded ok to me lol i said what did he want to do to it and he said hed intended to sell it and wanted £700 after the oil service and mot but because it was running on 3 i could have it for £500 so i did one cr9e later happy days its got heated grips and a scott oiler so im very happy

  • one cr9e ? For the uninitiated ;-)

  • spark plug was to tight to put all new in lol

  • Amazing!

  • you may have seen my other zzr1100 just to ruin everyones sunday lol

  • Oh no.... here we go again lol ;-)

  • well it would be daft to have 2 the same lol