Jay Everett shared a link to the group: Kawasaki W650.


I still have my eye on this one.

What were the differences between the model years?

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  • ribbed, crotch, Ooo Errrrrr...

  • Also a 1/2 degree less front fork rake.

  • If I may ... If you had two identical deals offered to you ... exact same mileage etc but one was early version and the other later version ... choose the later one. But if you find a good deal on any of them, you'll be happy with it. I've never heard of anyone with an early version who felt the need to "trade up".

  • Early UK bikes had the high bars changed to lower ones on later bikes

  • us market all had high bars, pretty much all of them after 01 had the lower bars.

  • GO! GO! GO! GO!

  • ... and GO!

  • The first two models 99 2000 had a slightly different trail and the front axle was a tad smaller in dia from memory.

  • The first models will give you a big smile on your face, and the later ones will also... I guess this is the main difference.

  • And the saddle too Richard Trevor-Roper, the one on the pic is a new one, same with the colors.