So last Sunday, my beast let me down for the first time. Stopped at a local place for a couple beers and music and come out and completely dead. Even though I thought battery, and was told that by Bare Carr, but thought it could be something else. So checked all fuses and wires and sure enough battery. Just went totally dead, no lights no clicks. So changed it out today along with new clutch cable and blocked air line on top of intake. Like a new bike again. Man I really love the beast, best bike so far even over my 08 HD Road King Classic.

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  • I use to go through a battery every year on my V2K thinking it was due to the AZ heat, first signs were slow and weak cranking then dead soon after, even when left overnight on a charger. But when I started turning off the run switch near the throttle every time I shut off the engine my battery is now cranking strong after 3-years. If you're not doing this it might help.

  • Thank you, I really never use it, but sure will try it. Yea this never gave a warning, of course I had it for 2 years and it sat many years before that I was told

  • check for corroded pin at the bottom voltage regulator it happen on my 3 last vn2000

  • My starter relay Solenoid was very corroded, thought was that, even ordered another just in case.

  • it help you saw trouble coming i use it now on my vn 2000

  • I'm curious. What do you like better about your V2K over the 08 HD Road King Classic?

  • The main thing is how it sits, the vn is lower and I feel more in control since I'm only 5 9. The power is the second. Now I have to admit I still love the sound of the HD and did like the extra 6th gear. But over vulcan is faster, smoother and most important no monthly payments, HA

  • Yes Lawrence, I hear you on the sound and 6th gear. The floorboard scraping on the V2K is what I hate the most. Yeah, those monthly payment hit me real bad too & had to sell 11 Ultra Limited

  • Yep I do drag the floor boards a lot even with running dark side. My friends back in PA all have HD's and get on me but I tell them just try to keep up. Ha