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nothing at the back

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  • Frank LeClair

  • Looking at pictures online, I can see the "bank sensor" installed at either end, but most of them appear to be towards the back.

    As many pictures as there are with it mounted towards the front, I have to wonder if there wasn't a batch screwed up from the factory, or whether the dealers didn't put the left and right footboards on the correct sides (if that was a dealer assembled part) ?

    It doesn't make any sense in the front, because then it ends up grinding away the valuable aluminum footboard.

  • They have them on the front and back. At least my 05 and 07 do

  • Man. That bracket is clean. Was that a OEM replacement?

  • I was rebuilding the bike, original but cleaned up, go to Vulcan Home and can see all work

  • She is a beauty. Island life looks pretty great too